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Finally, You Can Wave Goodbye To Flabby Arms With COOLPETITE Advantage™
Jiggly underarm muscles are unsightly and simply very embarrassing! This issue does not only concern women but men as well. The underarm fat can lead to a thick appearance of your arms when they are rested by your side. So when lifting your arms to wave goodbye or reach something above you, your arms are hanging down and flapping with each movement you make. Bye-byes, batwings or bingo wings or simply underarm fat are hard to rid of, however.


Remember that when you lose weight, your fat cells do not go away, but they only get smaller in size.

They won’t go away even if you shed pounds, no matter how much you do. It only means they can grow when you gained weight again. So without even saying, the fat cells stay in the body and have the tendency of appearing again once you’ve lose track of a healthy lifestyle.


The summer months are approaching, so you might be one of those looking to improve your lifestyle – applying changes in your regular exercise and diet plans.

You have this goal of toning and burning under arm fat so that your arms would look slim and toned. However, arm fat is one of the most stubborn fats to lose – and it is not something to remove through conventional methods.

You are not alone!

Millions of individuals are expressing their worries about this hard to lose unwanted arm fat, one of the most popular treatment areas for fat reduction techniques.

And then, here are the reasons you are not losing under arm fat.

If these methods don’t work, what will? What you need is cryolipolysis! What is it?


Only the fat cells in the treated area will be affected. Once the cells die, they will be gradually eliminated by the body through natural processes. This FDA-cleared fat reduction method is by CoolSculpting ZELTIQ.

This under arm fat treatment procedure is one of the offerings of ZELTIQ in their CoolSculpting series of devices. Their applicators can target many parts of the body, including the flank, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, back fat, double chin, banana rolls, bra fat and knee fat.

Can it also treat under arm fat?

ZELTIQ recognizes that the underarms have different needs – and they’re harder to treat and reach. The reason is that the underarms have a unique shape. With that, the company has updated its applicator range and came up with the CoolAdvantage Petite.

It’s a non-invasive body slimming procedure to treat problem areas through fat cell reduction by freezing. This fat removal method utilizes controlled cooling application within a temperature range for the localized fat reduction.

It can reshape your body contours with a certain degree of cooling exposure. With the coldness exposure, fat cells die over time but without any damage to the overlying or surrounding skin tissues.


Cool Advantage Petite Helps You Wave Goodbye to Saggy Underarms

This under arm fat treatment procedure is one of the offerings of ZELTIQ in their CoolSculpting series of devices. Their applicators can target many parts of the body, including the flank, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, back fat, double chin, banana rolls, bra fat and knee fat.

How does it work?

CoolAdvantage Petite can deliver the same effective results of CoolSculpting. The fat freezing procedure offers a cooling process, which makes use of a lower temperature and is done within 35 minutes versus other applicators, requiring 60 minutes. The device also has two interchangeable contours, which are customized for treating the arm area’s unique shape.

CoolAdvantage Petite Advantages

If you’re looking to improve the overall appearance of your arms and get rid of the unwanted fat that annoys and frustrates you, choose CoolAdvantage Petite!

It is a fast and safe fat reduction treatment especially designed to deal with arm fat. This fat removal method is an effective treatment helping individuals deal with their troubling condition.

The CoolAdvantage Petite applicator isn’t like Sculpsure and Liposonix because it is approved by the US FDA in the category of non-invasive fat reduction techniques specializing in getting rid of arm fat.

Specialized Treatment Area

The Petite is a part of the CoolSculpting range meant to treat arm areas through controlled cooling technology. The cool temperature works by freezing the fat cells.

Eventually, they will crystallize and break down gradually. As time goes by, the dead fat cells will then be flushed out the body through natural processes.

*The entire fat breaking down can take months to work entirely.

Popular Among Men and Women Looking to Lose Under Arm Fat

As the cooling treatment is effective, both men and women love it! Many of my patients aiming to control fat areas, especially under the arms have been opting for this pain-free, easy and quick solution.

And as the treatment also delivers quick noticeable results, many patients looking to improve the appearance of their arms choose CoolAdvantage Petite. In fact, they can notice visible results immediately. The mirror can tell!

Visible Results

CoolAdvantage Petite treatments cost less than other procedures, such as liposuction. And unlike this traditional fat reduction technique, it also does not deliver the same side effects, which are linked to surgeries.

The only thing you can look forward to is visible results, which can show up within two to four months. And if you’re going to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, you can take advantage of longer-term results.


The fat reduction method is the only FDA-cleared treatment for under the arm fat. It also does not involve incisions on the skin or needles used, so there is zero downtime. All that patients have to do is to show up on their scheduled treatment, and then go back to their daily activities right away.

But aside from these advantages, patients also do not have to worry about any discomfort. In fact, they can even listen to music or read a magazine while our certified CoolSculpting expert is treating the under arm fat. It also means you won’t be sent to sleep while the treatment is happening.

There Is No Downtime!

Surgeries and liposuction, among other fat removal techniques require downtime due to bruising, swelling, redness and other side effects they deliver to the skin. With CoolSculpting technology in reducing under arm fat, patients do not have to be concerned about downtime because it is non-invasive and requires no needless, no incisions and no knives.

Customized Treatment Approach

Getting CoolAdvantage Petite treatment from the ONLY Clinic, patients can rest assured that they’re having a customized treatment plan!

As there are no two patients alike, fat reduction must be done strategically for the best results.

During your initial consultation with us, your body will be assessed by one of our medical practitioners. He or she will also determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure and then will come up with a plan of treatment.

The practitioner will discuss the matters with you, and upon agreement, you will undergo the treatment, with the number of sessions depending on your situation.

CoolSculpting Petite Targets Upper Arm Fat Effectively

Now, you can finally wave goodbye to saggy upper arm fat for good but without the downtime, surgeries and side effects. It also does not harm overlying skin but targets only the treatment area effectively. Within four months, you can notice visible results.

For the most effective treatment approach, get CoolSculpting Petite fat reduction for the arm only from the pros! We’ve been around for decades and since then have helped thousands of patients achieve their body goals. With us, there is nothing to look forward to but optimal results you can count on.

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