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Achieve bigger, brighter eyes with TMA® Eyelifting Treatment!

Would you love to wake up everyday to naturally lifted eyelids that are not crinkly and saggy? With TMA Eyelifting®, you can smooth out those pesky, deep crinkles around your eyes!

Experiencing Droopy, sagging eyelids? Then this is for you!

Then this is for you!

The secret of turning back the clock on aging… having bigger, brighter eyes like they used to be in your 20s its possible.

Ptosis surgery has always been an option but its expensive and potentially give you significantly a long downtime. And the truth is… in this modern day and age, we’ve discovered a non-invasive way to life those eyelids up and transform the way you look!

YOU probably tired a thousands ways to resolve it & yet getting disappointing results.

When it comes to premature aging, the eyes are the first ones to take the fall. Sad but true, the delicate skin around the eyes is susceptible to showing the signs of aging in the form of crow’s feet, droopy lids and a generally deflated look. 

Sun damage, a decrease in collagen and facial expressions like squinting and smiling all contribute to the lines that develop around the eyes. While nothing in life is better than expressing joy, seeing etched lines in the mirror can be discouraging.

Don’t let aging eyelids be the reason to turn your beautiful smile upside down!

HOW does tma® eyelifting works?

TMA Eyelifting® utilises Thermo-Mechanical Ablation – a non-laser treatment technology that transfers thermal energy to the skin quickly and safely to target deep wrinkles and correct the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.

The aim of this treatment is to strengthen the fragile skin around the eyes. This skin is thin and collagen production tails off especially after menopause, meaning the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate itself is very limited. This modern technology utilises purely heat energy to vapourise channels in the skin to stimulate new collagen production to reduce concerns such as wrinkles, as it lifts the skin up.

HERE'S THE revolutionary treatment TO ACHIEVe naturally lifted eyelids!

TMA Eyelifting® delivers similar, if not even more superior results as fractional CO2 lasers but with a much safer process. This also makes it possible and safe to treat around the eyes, even very close to the eyelashes, without causing injury to the eyes. TMA Eyelifting® leaves no char or debris on the skin and has lesser downtime as well!

With TMA Eyelifting®, you can naturally restore your skin to the glorious and youthful state it once was at!


non-ablative technology

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The level of discomfort is dependant on each individual’s pain tolerance. If you are someone with a lower pain tolerance, our experienced doctors and aestheticians will be ready to apply numbing cream at your request!

During the treatment, you will feel the heat/ warmness from the device.

We would recommend you to come for sessions once a month. However, the interval may differ if your skin has a longer recovery period. For the best personally tailored advice for your skin, speak to our doctors and experienced aestheticians! Get your free skin assessment and consultation now when you sign up online!

There are no side effects of TMA Eyelifting® treatments. It is FDA-approved and safe for usage, especially in the skilled hands of our practised aestheticians and doctors! For those who are of a fairer skin tone, you might experience redness on the treatment areas or not at all. However, it will fade in about 2-3 days.

This is totally dependant on your skin’s recovery period. In general, it takes up to 2 weeks to see the fully realised results. However, some of our past clients have claimed to witness an improvement in just 5 short days!