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Stop Wearing That Age-Concealing Mask. The Solution Is Finally Here—Dysport!

Dysport, a Botox brand, is an approved aesthetic product by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of frown lines (glabellar lines) in 2009. Before its approval for aesthetic purposes, it has had a long history of use in many countries since 1991, but you should know that it is not dermal filler, a common misconception.

Briefly, Dysport Botox is used in combination with other non-surgical treatments, including facial contouring and liquid facelift and it is a simple and non-invasive treatment advised for patients looking to treat moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows and frown lines.

Dysport Botox Injection Information

It is a neuromuscular blocking and acetylcholine release inhibitor that works effectively in treating wrinkles caused by the active movements of the facial muscles used in expressions.

To date, over 11 million procedures have been performed in the US alone, but its popularity continues to surge; in fact, it is considered one of the best in non-surgical procedures worldwide.

Botox and fillers, although both for defying aging through improving the appearance of the face, let know that Dysport isn’t made of hyaluronic acid, common component of fillers, but it is made of “abobotulinumtoxinA.”

Online and in many other sources, you may see reviews and comparisons between Botox vs. Dysport, and maybe you are wondering what their difference could be. Briefly, Dysport is like Botox, but it is by Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Limited, while Botox is by Allergan.

But based on medical sources, it has been concluded that Dysport acts faster than Botox and that it is generally less expensive in terms of the total amount of the dilution needed to achieve results.

It is a purified form of Botulinum that functions to stop the signal coming from the nerves to the muscles of the body, leading to a reduction in muscle activity while preventing contraction in the muscles that cause the development of frown lines. With it, patients can look forward to the disappearance of moderate to severe frown lines, especially with repeat treatments at a certified Botox clinic in Singapore.

What to expect is that a patient will have to undergo between five to 10 minutes of treatment, depending on the scope of treatment. No matter, there is little to no downtime after a session and no Botox side effect in many cases.

Do take note that there can be varying results from patient to patient, but nevertheless it is effective with immediate results visible within a couple of days. Patients, in their Botox reviews, reveal that they notice the disappearance of frown lines between their eyebrows and that they are happy with the results, which can be up to four months. In general, patients, however, should wait for at least 90 days prior to the next treatment.

This Botox for under eye wrinkle or frown lines were typically administered through injections using a tiny needle, letting practitioners numb the treatment area. On the other hand, Botox for upper lip and for other sensitive areas may require a practitioner to applying ice or a topical anesthesia to numb the area prior to Botox application.

For the best Botox results, patients are recommended for touch-up treatments of at least every 90 days, all depending on the individual case, the treatment area, and the practitioner’s technique. A patient may also be able to reduce his Dysport amount for every session through scheduling a regular visit to a clinic, like the ONLY Clinic, especially when one begins feeling an excessive movement in the treatment area.

Dysport Botox Uses

  • It can be used with other treatments, including fillers, in order to produce better results.
  • It can improve results of non-surgical facial contouring methods by lifting facial features while at the same time contouring the face, commonly known as a non-invasive facelift.
  • It can relax a patient’s depressor muscles, allowing the levators to take over and control, allowing an injector to make a subtle lifting in the area of treatment.
  • This Botox treatment can also increase a patient’s results from laser therapy, leading to more maximized effectiveness and dramatic outcome, while promoting lower cost. When used in combination with face filler treatments, Dysport also improves and lengthens the benefits of fillers.
  • Medically, it is also used for treating adults with cervical dystonia and upper limb spasticity (Source: com)

Dysport Botox Reviews

“In summary, I will be going back. I don’t feel like this is a slippery slope but rather a “me” thing and I’m very pleased to be able to afford this and have a great Dr. to complete it for me…” – SandyBC

“I’m 31 and I was looking into getting injections as a preventative measure to help aging and getting permanent wrinkles….I am thrilled with my results! I received injections on my forehead and crow’s feet. Those two areas were my biggest concern. I couldn’t be happier with my results! No more lines and my skin look smooth!” – jillians39

“After turning 40, I started noticing lines on my forehead were becoming more prominent and getting deeper… I had the Dysport Botox injected… Nobody at work or my friends noticed that I had anything done but I was given a few compliments over the past week as to how good my skin looks!

Dysport Benefits

  • Immediate results within days
  • Long-lasting, up to four months or over (*Results vary from patient to patient
  • Restores youthful appearance and beauty in a non-invasive way
  • Best non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the world
  • Treats most wrinkle and frown line issues, including forehead wrinkles, bunny lines, marionette lines,  laugh lines and smoker’s lines, among others
  • No recovery time required
  • Can be used in combination with dermal fillers for dramatic results

For excellent Dysport Botox procedure, get yours at the ONLY Clinic, your experienced team that has performed hundreds upon hundreds of this procedure in our clinic. We have proven techniques developed through our over a decade of experience in the aesthetics and beauty scene and have experience on a wide range of facial rejuvenation treatments that provide long-lasting and natural-looking results.

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