Worried about your Man-boobs? We have the right Solution for You

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If you think only women have serious problems about their bodies, you are absolutely wrong. Even men have to fuss over their own body problems. There may not be so many beauty products that are designed for men, but that does not get rid of the fact that guys also feel conscious about their appearance.

Say, for example, it is not just women who feel disturbed about the shape of their breasts. Sure, many ladies feel conscious about the shape and size of their bust, especially if they were either saggy or flat. Nevertheless, even men also share the sentiment, though it may be in a slightly different way. Men also have issues with their breasts, particularly those guys who have man-boobs.

Gynecomastia, or man-boobs as we call it, is a condition where there is a swelling of breast tissue among men. This is mainly due to hormonal imbalance, particularly of estrogen and testosterone. But there can also be other causes, such as puberty among boys.

Having man-boobs may not seem to be a serious condition among men, but some guys just could not help but feel conscious about it. Guys also think about their appearance, and having man-boobs can reduce their self-confidence and cause them to less sociable. But that will no longer be a problem.

At Only Medical Clinic, we have the perfect solution for gynecomastia in Singapore. We have the CoolSculpting treatment, a non-invasive and painless body shaping treatment. This procedure diminish fast cells and in turn, lift and firm saggy breasts by removing fat cells in the area, helping to solve your man-boobs problem. At O Medical Clinic, there are a variety of procedures that are meant to solve body issues, for both men and women.

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