Understanding Slimming Treatments

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Slimming treatments are becoming more common nowadays, with both men and women setting out to lose some weight in one area or more. But before you start trying all sorts of solutions for losing fats, there is a need to understand what is offered to ensure you know what you are signing up for since there are a myriad of treatments out there.


Unlike common perceptions that slimming requires procedures that goes under the knife, coolsculpting is one of the non-invasive treatments that effectively reduces fat in targeted body areas. Using an applicator device, it is applied in the targeted areas and the temperature is reduced to the point that it attains the right coldness to selectively target the fat cells in the area.

Body Contouring

This treatment is safe and non-invasive which approaches the body in regards to contouring, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, circumferential reduction and even skin tightening. Using 4D technology, this procedure combines Multi-Polar Radio frequency to deliver satisfactory results in terms of body contouring and slimming.


Liposonix is a one of the latest body slimming treatment that delivers result without any incisions and solely using high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat and eliminate stubborn fats. This treatment is easily customizable in a way that it can control precisely how and where the energy is being targeted.

Selective Radiofrequency (RF)

This procedure is a state of the art technology for fat reduction and body contouring. Without even touching the body, it is able to eliminate fat cells by delivering energy to the body to help with the treatment. The radiofrequency waves results in a thermal effect in deep tissue, causing the natural death of fat cells, also known as Apoptosis. Their remains will then be cleaned up by the body’s lymphatic system, with the fats being metabolized through the liver and excreted through urine.

With knowledge of the different non-invasive treatments, you will be able to select the best fit treatment for your body problems and of course, requesting for a consultation will also help the doctor in charge understand your needs more to advice on other suitable procedures.

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