Treatment Programs Helps Sweeten the Deal with Health & Beauty Treatments

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You will not be finding any shortage of beauty services today in hopes of keeping their clients looking fresh and young at all times. Services such as Botox, Botox jaw reduction, rhinoplasty, fillers and other related face lift treatments in Singapore are introduced giving customers tons of options to choose from. The existence of treatment programs today help sweeten the deal with these treatments making it more accessible to a huge number of people in the present.

Here at Only Clinic, our treatment programs are customised for a targeted group of problems faced by our clients which may include body fat reduction, post-natal body issues, etc. Currently, there are two specific type of treatment programs that we offer: The ‘Body Contouring’ Programs and ‘O Medical Clinic’ Programs.

Under the ‘Body Contouring’ Programs, we offer treatments like Coolsculpting and Zerona, targeting mainly non-surgical body contouring. Coolsculpting is a great alternative to liposuction, which diminishes the fat cells in the body at targeted areas. This FDA-cleared device is applied to the areas and it will start to reduce its temperature to attain the right coldness to selectively target fat cells of the area. On the other hand, Zerona uses the Erchonia patented laser to emulsify adipose tissue, to put it simply is to painlessly melt the fat under the skin. Ultimately leaving the natural detoxification system to eliminate the fat from the body.

Under the ‘O Medical Clinic’ Programs, we offer treatments like the Mummy Makeover, V-shape face lift and twinning contouring packages like the ‘Facial Contouring Fillers and Botox’. The Mummy Makeover targets stubborn issues like loose skin, excess fat areas and stretch marks after pregnancy which a majority of women will face while the twinning contouring packages offer 2 treatments that complements each other.

We understand that with proper diet and exercise, you can attain a healthy body however, there are stubborn areas that may not go away even with strict diet plans so we want to make use of modern medical technology to help you attain your beautiful body!

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