The Secret to Smell Good : Botox!

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Foul Body Odour? Botox Is Your Solution!

If you think you know everything about sweating, think again. In fact, most people think that sweat is the one that causes foul body odor, but not. Briefly, sweat is composed of water and salt and they alone don’t make you stink, but the bacteria. Today’s post reveals information about sweating and causes of body odor coming from it. And later, we’ll talk about the best remedy out there— Botox for sweating.


Where Does Body Odour Come From?

To bust myths that sweat stinks, here’s what to know. Perspiration is made of water and salt—and they don’t smell. Instead, the odor comes from the bacteria attracted by the wet and moist environment of body parts, including underarms, feet, and thighs that cause sweat.

[There are two types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. The first stands open on the surface of your skin, while the second opens onto your hair follicles.]

Apocrine glands, which are linked to underarm odor, produce thicker sweat. And because these glands are located in confined and warm places, wetness becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria, which then emit the bad odor.

And if you sweat excessively and you suffer from extreme body odor, (Bromhidrosis), which is linked to the eccrine glands, you might be considering treatment of Botox for sweat glands. And we say it’s a great decision to make.

Here’s how Botox can help get rid of body odor.


Can Botox Stop Sweat?

Yes, it can! If you have already tried remedies, including wearing clean clothes all the time, taking a bath more often and staying away from onions and garlic foods, which cause body odor, but you have not achieved any good result, then you really have to get yourself a Botox treatment versus body odor.

Botox for sweaty feet, hands and armpits, among other body parts, is the most effective and safest of all existing anti-sweat treatments on the market right now. It has been proven not once but many times by top medical technicians and wellness clinics, along with millions of patients around the world.


How Does Botox for Sweating Hands, Feet & Body Work?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a potent poison or neurotoxin used for treatment for people suffering from excessive underarm and body sweating. What makes the treatment so effective is that it blocks acetylcholine, a type of neurotransmitter, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Take note: Botox reduces sweat production because the action of the neurotransmitters responsible for producing sweat is reduced. Therefore, there will be minimal sweat production, leading to reduce bacteria and less body odor. It’s that simple.

Botox for sweaty face, hands and underarms are effective because it’s also science-proven and lab-tested to work against excessive sweating through blocking the actions of the neurotransmitters signaling your body to produce sweat, which means less sweat for you in as early as one session.

To back this up, a group of researchers from Germany has investigated and proven the effects of Botox for sweat glands on the face and other parts of the body by shutting down the sweat glands, as published on the Archives of Dermatology (January 2003).

So if you want the best solution against excessive sweating, get Botox for sweat reduction at the ONLY Clinic, Singapore’s finest and award-winning aesthetics and beauty team with over a decade of industry experience.


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