The Essentials of Face Lift

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Because today image is very crucial, plastic surgery has become a common practice among individuals. One of the few procedures that are commonly used to get rid of aging is a face lift procedure. This procedure is done by removing the excess skin on the face and the neck. The excess skin is stretched to straighten the creases and wrinkles.

How Is It Done
Face lift treatments are done by the surgeon making an incision in the front of the ear and also the hairline that leads around the ear and then towards the hairline at the back. The procedure is done after administering general anesthesia on the person.

In a process called undermining the skin is pulled back from the underlying tissues. Sutures are then used to reshape the tissues. Excess skin is then removed and then what remains is then draped back towards the face. The incisions which are small and are relatively hidden are then closed up with the use of staples or stitches.

Effects of Face Lift
A face lift is a very common procedure done by surgeons around the world but it does not work on all people. For instance it can be applied on a man and it might be that difficult to allow hair growth to come out as normal since it is hard to align the skin that bears hair.

Every person has a different genetic makeup and skin type to say the least. That means that a face lift may or may not be good for one person. That makes it highly necessary for you to choose the most capable plastic surgeon for face liftin Singapore or wherever you may be in the world.

Recovery after Face Lift
The usual recovery period for a face lift is 4 to 6 weeks. The bandages can be taken off after 24 hours. Sutures can be taken out after 14 days.

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