The 7 Early Signs Of Ageing

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Knowing your enemy is half the battle won and in the fight against ageing, knowing what the early signs of ageing are and their causes will aid you in your battle against ageing.

Dry skin

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There is a multitude of causes behind dry skin. They can be caused by using too much harsh soaps or long, steamy showers. They may also be caused by the medicine you take! Try to avoid these and, for the medicine, ask your doctor if there are any viable alternatives.

Sagging skin

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There are a few factors behind sagging skin, but the major cause will be the lowered amounts of collagen and elastin as you age. As with most things, the sun is the main culprit behind this. Shy away from UV lights and the effects of ageing will be reduced.

Dark spots

Dark spots are a form of hyperpigmentation and caused by the overproduction of melanin. This is usually a sign of ageing but can be caused by too much sun exposure or exposure to UV light. To avoid them, stay away from sources of UV light and always wear sunscreen!

Less skin glow

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Youthful skin is usually radiant and glowing. Dull skin, on the other hand, lacks all these and gives the impression of ageing or poor health. One of the major causes of dull skin is poor circulation, and this is usually caused by smoking and drinking too much, dehydration, and poor diet.


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Wrinkles come with age as the skin gets thinner and less elastic. Wrinkles are also predominantly caused by exposure to UV light. To avoid getting wrinkles at too young an age, be mindful of your exposure to the sun and try to avoid leaving the house without putting on some sunscreen first.

Open pores

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Open pores tend to make your skin look unhealthy as it gives the skin a rough and bumpy surface that cannot reflect the light as well. Open pores are caused by lowered amounts of collagen and elastin, which are in turn affected by exposure to the sun. As above, avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen when you leave the house will help in this.

Patchy skin

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Unfortunately, this has more to do with skin conditions than pure ageing. Ensure that your skin conditions are properly treated by taking good care of your skin and seeking professional advice!

All the above signs of ageing skin are seen in different proportions as you grow older, and the key to fighting back and delaying the ageing process is identifying these signs of ageing early and taking proper actions to correct them. The signs of ageing can be stopped by reversing risk factors, which means to avoid things which accelerate the ageing process. Thus, changing our lifestyles and habits is the best way to reduce the physical signs of ageing.

We’ve mentioned keeping away from UV light, using sunscreen, and limiting the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. But there is more to maintaining your skin than this. Some of the lifestyle habits you can change are:

Sleeping more

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Your skin repairs itself and is rejuvenated when you sleep. When you forego your sleep, you’re cutting down the time your body has to heal itself, leaving your body more vulnerable to the effects of ageing. So sleep more and let your body have time to recover!

Drink more water

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Keeping yourself hydrated plumps up your skin cells, giving your complexion a fuller and more radiant look. It also clears out the toxins in your body, giving your skin a healthier look.

Oral contraceptives

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Some birth control pills or hormone therapy medication can lead to the formation of dark spots! Thus, it’s better to avoid them as and when you can or ask your doctor for advice.


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You are indeed what you eat! Take in more healthy food to give your body the necessary nutrients to form new cells and to rejuvenate your skin.

Sleep without removing your makeup

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Wearing your makeup to sleep is one of the worst things you can do for your face. Your body takes this time to heal itself, and the presence of makeup hinders its recovery. It also clogs up your pores and sucks up your face’s moisture, making your pores look bigger and causing your skin to get dehydrated.

If you want to try something to jumpstart your mission to regain youth, there are plenty of treatments available nowadays. Even if all the signs of ageing has shown up for you, there’s still hope and ways to regain your youthful complexion.

An effective treatment would work on both the superficial and deep layers of the skin in order to reverse the signs of facial ageing, making the skin smoother and softer. Most of the time, a combination of techniques and treatments is needed to achieve the best possible results.

Here are some of the best treatments on the market today!

Skin Laser

The most popular lasers for skin treatments are the CO2 and Nd-Yag lasers.

These lasers eliminate the most superficial layer of skin, revealing younger cells and giving your skin a new and fresh appearance. However, the lasers do not just act as a high-tech sandpaper. The laser helps the tissue to promote cell growth and collagen formation, giving the skin deeper support and fresher cells.

Dermal Fillers

If the lines and wrinkles are deeper, dermal fillers are the best option. These are substances like hyaluronic acid that are meant to be injected beneath the skin on problematic areas. The dermal filler acts as a pillow underneath the skin, pushing it up and thus diminishing the signs of wrinkles.


If saggy skin is your main concern, radiofrequency is the treatment for you.

The application of high-frequency radio waves to the skin allows us to transfer a big amount of energy to the deep layers of your skin, a place rich in collagen and elastin which are two of the main proteins giving support to the skin.

The transferred energy shrinks and twists the collagen and elastin fibres, increasing their tension. This direct effect on elastic fibres adds more strength to the layers supporting the skin, diminishing the sagging.

Radiofrequency also promotes the synthesis of more and better collagen, a winning combination that allows your skin to replace the old and worn collagen fibres with new and stronger ones, giving the skin a younger, smoother look.

Are you ready to try one of them? Then keep reading!

Usually, the aforementioned treatments are good enough to give you a boost and a youthful appearance but the results don’t last forever so it will be necessary to make changes to your lifestyle by avoiding risk factors and repeating the treatments when necessary to have long-lasting results.

Fortunately, the days of sagged, spotted, wrinkled skin are a part of the past. Women can now work towards retaining their youthful appearance for as long as they want to!

For more information on the treatments, either head to our site or call 6234 4434 for more details!

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