SMASLift : The Solution To a Youthful Look

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One of the many things that women want to have is a youthful face. There is something that makes us feel good when people could not guess our age and mistake us for someone younger. This may be the main reason why there are so many anti-aging solutions out there nowadays. One of the most popular ways to look younger is through facelift. With this procedure, things such as skin laxity and fine lines are resolved.

Before, facelift treatments require surgeries and incisions, which can be dangerous. But at O Medical Clinic, we provide you with a treatment that is safe, painless, and guarantees great results in one treatment, one hour, once a year. We have the SMASLift, a revolutionary facelift treatment in Singapore. This is an advanced and sophisticated medical aesthetics treatment that O Medical Clinic has provided.

This treatment incorporates facial and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), to lift and tighten the mid-face area as well as the chin. It can be applied to those who are suffering from skin laxity, as well as those who want to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on their face. Moreover, this procedure can be used in order to achieve a defined, V-shaped facial contour.

What’s the best part about SMASLift? This treatment offers great results and you don’t have to come back every few months to maintain the effect! Simply put, this facelift treatment only has to be done once, with no downtime. You can achieve great results with minimal pain, and you will achieve a natural lifted and enhanced facial contour. For ladies who are in need of facelift treatments that are guaranteed safe and effective, O Medical Clinic’s SMASLift is just the perfect solution for you.

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