10 Good Habits To Clear Skin

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This 5-Minute Skin Treatment Tops 10 Skin Care Tips (Wow!)

Achieving fair and gorgeous skin is what every woman desires and what every man wants to see in his partner. This is the main reason that women of all ages aspire to get amazing, perfect skin that they can be proud to show off. If you are looking for the top 10 skin care tips, you have just arrived at the right guide that will teach you ways on how to achieve perfect-looking skin. No matter your age, taking care of your skin is paramount, and there are great habits you can start now in order to reach your goals. Let’s begin with today’s guide on how to start with an effective skincare regime.

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Skincare Routine & Habits for Clear Skin


  1. Remove makeup before going to bed. Especially if you have sensitive skin, one of the best ways on how to can get started with skincare for sensitive skin is to remove makeup before sleeping. No matter how tired or how busy you are, don’t forget taking out makeup at night. Remember that makeup may contain harmful chemicals that can irritate skin, leading to the development of skin problems later on. If you want to stay younger longer, make it a habit to get rid of makeup at night. This is important because your skin usually repairs itself, so allow your skin pores to open up by getting rid of the layers of makeup on your face, and these include clearing your skin from mascara, lipstick, highlighter, and foundation, among other products you put on your face.
  1. Exfoliate. Another natural skin care tip to remember is to remove dead skin cells, which is what exfoliating can do. It can get rid of dead skin cells, which can damage your skin. Exfoliation is also an important step that can help in restoring moisture on your face because it allows better blood circulation, too.
  1. Tone your face up, one of the most valuable skin care tips to remember. A toner can help in restoring your skin’s natural pH level, making it resistant against microorganisms and bacteria buildup and can aid in cleansing your skin against impurities, dust and pollution, especially if you have an acne-prone skin. For the best results, make sure that you use only natural toners, such as rosewater, which contains clarifying, energizing and hydrating properties. Swipe a toner on your face and neck, and then let your skin dry. Additionally, use a serum. Such a product contains high levels of nutrients and ingredients, which can be quickly absorbed by your skin because it’s lightweight. Finally, moisturize. Repeated sun exposure can accelerate skin aging and may cause cancer, too. If you want to avoid such issues, you should use a moisturizer with hypoallergenic ingredients and made only with organic materials.
  1. Another skin care tip to remember is to use an eye cream, which can slow down the effects of aging and can take care of your eyes. Before application, make sure that you remove all the makeup on your face. An eye cream can help in moisturizing, hydrating and de-puffing your eyes. Such a product, depending on the type, can also reduce the appearance of dark circles under and around your eyes. For the best results, use one with ingredients, including antioxidants, caffeine or peptides. Apply it on your eyes before massaging towards the outer corners.
  1. Keep hair off your face by tying it back before going to bed. This will help in preventing hair from getting into your face, keeping off dirt particles that your hair has. Pinning your hair up is a good habit for clear skin because it may also contain oil, which may cause acne breakouts and pimples.
  1. Turn the humidifier at night, especially in the winter when the air is dry. Infuse the surrounding air with moisture by turning on your humidifier, which can help soothe dry and itchy skin.
  1. Wear sun protection before going out during the day, one of the most important skincare steps to remember to achieve clear, smooth skin. As you may already know, the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the skin and accelerate the aging process. If you want to look younger, longer, then you should not go out the sun without sunscreen protection (at least SPF 30).
  1. Another important skin care basic is getting your beauty sleep, and this must be taken seriously. Did you know that skin problems, such as acne could also be triggered by lack of sleep? If you want to look fresh and pretty at daytime, make it a habit to have at least 7 hours of sleep a day. This is one of the most important skin rejuvenation routines you should keep because sleeping can aid in the growth and repair of your skin cells, which take place while you sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, you will develop dark circles under your eyes, dull complexion, wrinkles and fine lines.
  1. DO NOT SMOKE. Smoking cigarettes can cause fast aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. They damage your skin’s natural makeup, so avoid smoking like a plague.
  1. Clean your diet up. Ditch alcohol because it can wreak havoc on your skin. You should also limit your intake of caffeine. One good alternative is to drink green tea, instead. It has loads and loads of antioxidants that help in fighting off free radicals that cause skin cell damage. Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, too.

Now if you’re worried that you cannot keep up with these tips for skincare for combination skin types, we have something for you—laser skin treatments! This is by far the most effective skin care for acne, fine lines, blemishes, pores and a whole lot more of skin problems.

Laser skin treatments (Quickie, Clarity, Luminosity, Carbonado, Fractional lasers and FRAXEL Dual) are offered at ONLY, Singapore’s best aesthetics and beauty clinic with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our medical technologists can make an assessment on your skin and determine which facial laser treatment suits you.

Laser Skin Treatments Benefits

  • Helps you achieve clear, perfect skin
  • Treats acne and pigmentation
  • Suitable even for sensitive skin
  • Tightens skin pores to prevent pimples and acne development
  • Treats virtually all kinds of facial skin problems

Our laser skin treatment uses an in-motion technology of quick laser light that dry-cleans your face in less than five minutes. It is also non-invasive, painless and comfortable and does not require any downtime after treatment. So for total revitalizing, hydrating and rejuvenating of your skin, while stimulating collagen production on it, you can get in touch with the ONLY Clinic now.

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