Is Permanent Hair Removal Possible?

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Permanent Hair Removal Singapore: Is it Possible?

Excessive hair growth in your face, arms, back and legs, among other body parts, are overly humiliating. It ruins your self-confidence and makes you feel less than the great person that you are. It also gives nuisance because you’re trapped into a vicious cycle of removing unwanted hair using conventional techniques, such as shaving and plucking, which aren’t just time-consuming but also yield temporary results. This is the main reason you’re looking for laser and IPL hair removal in Singapore review, two methods proven to give serious results. We’ll reveal how conventional techniques are inefficient as well as information and review about permanent hair removal techniques.

Temporary Results with DIY Hair Removal Techniques

• Shaving is ineffective and short lasting as it results to approximately only two days of hair removal. On that note, you have to shave twice per week if you want smooth, hairless underarms for instance.
• Plucking, performed with a pair of tweezers, only get rid of hair for a week or two, depending on your body makeup, stress level and medicines taken, which contribute to fast hair growth.
• Depilatory creams don’t only smell foul with their high chemical content, but they may also result to skin irritations and rashes. Results are only good for a couple of weeks, depending on several factors like your stress level and body makeup.
• Waxing isn’t permanent and very painful. While results can last for a few weeks, it cannot be compared to the efficiency of laser hair removal, which we’re discussing later in this article.

So, Is Permanent Hair Removal Still Possible After All These Things about DIY Hair Removals? Discover the Answers in the Next Section.

One of the best in hair removal is called IPL hair removal. What is it? Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses energy from a light source, which is then absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin (skin pigments) in the hairs, blood vessels, and skin.

The treatment is effective because it works precisely to target the specific melanin, up to 950 nanometers or hemoglobin, up to 950 nanometers; therefore, the best IPL hair removal works efficiently for hair removal.

The principle behind it is that the process can be accomplished through heat generation in the melanin that is then transferred to the hair roots (hair follicles).

In the process, IPL can destroy the hair follicles by generating heat of up to 70 degrees centigrade at a rate of one millisecond. Without even saying, a good IPL hair removal can destroy the hair follicles, between 10 and 20 percent of them in every session, meaning at least six sessions can result to permanent hair reduction.

Plus, IPL doesn’t only lead to permanent results, but it is also,
• Painless
• Effective
• Fast
• Non-invasive
• Efficient
• Give localized and precise treatment results

On one hand, there is laser hair removal treatment, another non-invasive and efficient hair removal technique used by thousands upon thousands of patients from around the world. This is an ideal treatment for most people, especially those who have been sick and tired of tweezing, shaving and waxing unwanted hair.

So, how does laser hair removal work? During a session, a concentrated laser beam is aimed at the treatment area to target hair. Then, the light that generates heat is absorbed by the skin pigment, resulting to the damage of the hair follicle. In the process, the growth process of hair happening in the follicle becomes retarded, resulting to permanent hair reduction.

This happens because damaged hair follicles mean no more hair. And because laser technology can target more hairs simultaneously, it can destroy many hair follicles at once as well, removing hair in a larger body part in a shorter time, usually about five minutes, depending on the area of treatment.

If you’d factor in the cost of laser hair removal in Singapore, you would realize that laser for hair removal is more economical than conventional remedies because it works precisely and it can remove unwanted hair between a couple of months up to several years.

[*Results vary from patient to patient.]

Therefore, laser hair removal in Singapore, for instance, does not only lead to permanent hair reduction, but it is also,
• Precise in targeting selected area where course hairs are, without damaging surrounding skin
• Fast
• Non-invasive
• Minimal to no pain guaranteed
• Efficient
• Permanent hair reduction in as few as three sessions from the best laser hair removal clinic

BONUS SECTION: Hair Growth Cycle—What You Need to Know

Now, you might be asking, “Is IPL a permanent hair removal? And can you tell me if laser hair removal is a permanent solution?”

There is no definitive answer to these questions.

What we’re certain is that these two tried and tested methods both result to permanent hair reduction, which of course vary from patient to patient, mainly due to HAIR GROWTH CYCLE, which we’re touching on briefly for your information.

Knowing about the hair growth cycle plays a huge role hair removal treatment. Hair growth is caused by medication, stress, heredity and a variety of other factors.

For that matter alone, it is so hard to predict the exact time period before hair reappears in the treatment area, say for laser hair removal for underarms.

Interestingly in most cases, hair may start reappearing somewhere between one to a couple of months, depending on the factors concerning hair growth, on an individual-to-individual basis. In general, our patients achieve 90 percent of hair reduction in as few as five sessions.

Mentioning those factors associated with an individual’s hair growth cycle, the results from the best laser hair removal or IPL hair removal may vary from person to person. Remember, not every person has the same hair growth rate and stage; hence, there needs several treatments to achieve permanent hair removal.

We hope this explains the question, “Is permanent hair removal possible?

Summing it up, both IPL and laser hair removal in Singapore can lead to permanent hair removal; in fact, you can experience total hairlessness after a number of sessions based on recommended IPL or laser hair removal packages at the ONLY Clinic, the best laser hair removal clinic in Singapore.

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