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Discover how you can eliminate cellulite, tone up your skin and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks painlessly today! No more hassle of applying cream day and night, consuming pills or even trying out the different exercises just to tone up. The cutting-edge Legacy Body Contour treatment is the first and only FDA-Cleared device utilising 4D technology, combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency to deliver superior results in body contouring.

How it works
This treatment use a combination of proven multi-polar together with magnetic pulse (MP)² technology to deliver impressive contouring results. It reduces cellulite, the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks while tightening the skin.

Is it suitable for me?
It is non-invasive, safe and painless. Suitable for all skin types as well as provides immediate and long term results. It allows an immediate return to normal daily activities. This treatment is favoured by beauty insiders and it also helps you to lose inches naturally and comfortably.

Available at O Medical Clinic
This treatment is favoured by busy individuals – both men and women – whose schedule at work or at home leaves them little time and are looking for result centric aesthetic treatments. It is highly sought after by mothers especially as it targets their post pregnancy issues such as weight gain, loose skin and stretch marks.

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