Learn how to get rid of dark undereye circles!

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Pandas are cute, but having panda eyes certainly aren’t a feature most of us would like to possess! Any one of us living with dull or dark eye circles understand how much it affects our appearances: they can make us look aged and tired, and worse yet, are very difficult to conceal with makeup. Concealer creases and cakes often, and does nothing to help those with sunken eye sockets. Why not bust these pesky dark eye circles by targeting the root of the problem? Let us examine some of the causes of dark eye circles, and learn more about how you fix dark eye circles!

Sleep deprivation:

Yes – we are all familiar with this reason. Sleep deprivation is the most common cause for dark eye circles. Fortunately, this cause is also the easiest to treat. Simply get sufficient sleep every night and you should see these blue-tinged circles fade drastically.


Allergies can trigger antihistamines in the body and cause blood vessels to dilate. The thin, sensitive skin underneath our eyes causes these dilated blood vessels to look visibly darker than the rest of the face, and give us a tired, puffy appearance.


Smoking and too much salt in your diet can all contribute towards dark eye circles. Improve the appearance of dark undereye circles by leading a healthier lifestyle!


Collagen depletes as we age, and our undereye area is no exception. As we age, our eye sockets can appear more sunken, leading to a perpetually darkened area under our eyes. This condition is very common and difficult to cover with makeup as it is a structural problem. One of the ways to alleviate this issue is to plump up the sunken areas with fillers.

Sun damage:

You may be surprised to know this, but exposure to harmful UV rays can cause hyperpigmentation to occur in your delicate under eye area. Besides frequently applying sunscreen to combat this, you can also look into fillers containing brightening ingredients to help lighten the dark skin.

At O Medical Clinic, we offer fillers that can target your undereye area specifically to help restore volume and brighten skin tone. Look rejuvenated and refreshed – sans panda eyes! Simply contact us to find out how you too can get rid of dark eye circles.

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