Laser vaginoplasty

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‘It’s like going to the Gym for Your Vagina!’

Laser Vaginoplasty

Mother-of-three confesses that a new lunch time laser lift Saved her Sex Life 

Having an Unsatisfying Love Life ?

Having an Unsatisfying Love Life ?

Now there is a Miracle Hope for Women who are hoping to regain their Sex Life. A New 15 Min Painless Laser Procedure is Touted by Women in America and UK as a Miracle Hope. They Call it the ” Painless and Non Invasive Vaginoplasty “.

Every Month during her lunch hour, mother of three Joyce Lim, 42, takes her quick lunch – and a quickie Laser Vaginoplasty lift.

The Attractive Private, Banker from Singapore is taking part in the pioneering Singapore clinical trials for the Singapore’s first non-invasive ‘designer vagina’ procedure, called Laser Vaginoplasty.

Joyce says this new and innovative vagina tightening technology is like going to the gym for your vagina, has made her sex life greater than ever.

She says: ‘I’ve always had a very healthy sex life. However, I’m now 42 with three children and after becoming a mum and stress at work, I was beginning to experience a lack of sensation. Thus the our sex life wasn’t that enjoyable for both my husband and me. However after three sessions with Dr Wang of O Medical Clinic, our sex has been great again. I’m like born again!!

The painless procedure, which takes just 15 mins and doesn’t involve surgery, has also cured her stress urinary incontinence. Her husband Patrick Lim, 44, a businessman agrees that their sex life has never felt been better.

Joyce has previously considered to go to a plastic surgeon for her Vaginoplasty, but until she heard about the Laser Vaginoplasty treatment from her friend who had the treatment at O Medical Clinic in Singapore. She is now glad she didn’t went ahead with the plastic surgery and chose the Laser Vaginoplasty. There wasn’t any downtime and she could resume her life immediately and even has regular sex after 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

Laser Vaginoplasty is a great alternative and simply takes 15 mins. The results after 3 sessions is extremely satisfactory. She is just one of the few hundred who have benefited from the Laser Vaginoplasty.

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