We are looking for many people to join as a sales team for our 7 stores in Singapore.


We are looking for many people to join as a service team for our 7 stores in Singapore.


We are looking for an energetic and passionate individual to join as a medical aesthetics doctors.


We are looking for someone to join as a marketing team to help us with various projects.

Hi, this is Adren How.
I’m the CEO & Co-Founder of the ONLY Group, Singapore’s 1st & Largest Medical Aesthetics Group. Thanks for your interest in wanting to join my team. Right before we dive in, here’s a short little introduction of our company…
You may know…
✓ We’ve built an 8-figure business empire from scratch before the age of 35…
✓ We’ve been winning numerous industry awards..
✓ We’ve been the leader in the medical aesthetics industry since 2005.
✓ We’ve the Highest & The Most number of Reviews on Google & Facebook.
✓ We’ve grown our Fan base from 0 to over 55K

subscribers on our Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms reach over thousands of fans around the world every day – and the figures are growing by the day…

My partner, Jermaine and I started ONLY Group 14 years ago, with the vision and mission in mind to transform lives and empowering more women through Medical Aesthetics…

so that our clients are able to achieve the best results that they deserve in the shortest amount of time instead of settling for mediocre results.

We believe beauty through technologies can be attained faster. By investing heavily on technologies way from the beginning we have helped more than 55 000 clients to transform their lives.

Helping women & men who are seeking to differentiate themselves instead of settling to be just slightly better.

Throughout the years, we have always been working on differentiating ourselves away from the market. To dominate and not to compete with the competition. That is why we need the best of the best !

Now, what you may not know is the great team behind the scenes who helped me all along the way.

Without them, I will not be where I am. That’s why I reward my team generously. Right now, I’m opening the opportunity for more people to join my team.

In other words, as long you perform well, and value add to my company, no matter what role, you have the chance to earn more money and advance in your career.

Adren How

CEO & CO-founder

All you need is #onlyaesthetics and you will understand.

Your journey starts here


Pain Management & Recovery

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

Permanent Hair Removal

  • IPL Hair Remover
  • Painless Laser Hair Removal

Feminine Health

  • Femilift® Vagina Tightening
  • Labia Remodeling
  • Laser Bust Enhancement

Body Fat Reduction

  • Cryosculpting®
  • Zerona®

Face & Skin

  • Laser Skin Quickie®
  • Glowing. Clear Skin Peel
  • Acnexel®
  • Super Glowing & Hydration Booster
  • Rejuran® PN/PDRN
  • Non-Surgical Asian Nose Enhancement
  • SMASLift®


    15 Stamford Rd, #01-64, Capitol Piazza +65 6385 4434
    501 Orchard Rd, #05-08, Wheelock Place +65 6235 4434
    22 Malacca Street,#09-00, RB Capital
    +65 6220 4434