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ipl permanent hair removal

Don’t spend even a penny on risky, painful methods which do not guarantee long lasting results; discover the newest, most advanced epilation technology.

As every woman in the world, when you go to sleep probably one of your dreams is about a clear, smooth skin, free of hairs and imperfections; with the sunrise you will probably feel upset when you realize that it was only a dream and have to face the reality, thousands of products and methods cheating your money and playing games with your hope of a skin free from undesired hair!

After trying every existing method on earth to remove those tiny, ugly body hairs, you are worried for sure, and who wouldn’t if:

  • You have spent hundreds of dollar with no results
  • Your time has been wasted because of hours waiting for “magical” solutions which do not work
  • The pain is next to your door every time you think about depilation
  • Your friends make jokes about your “hairy legs”
  • Shorts and skirts are a matter of past because of your hairy skin

Even when it seems a banal issue, undesired body hair may change your life forever, and not exactly on a positive way.

That’s the reason moving you forward to seek and try once and once again with different gadgets and methods but, at the end of the day the result is always the same; hundreds of dollars thrown to the waste basket because nor shavers, wax or creams are really useful.

Later that night you are watching the TV and feel fooled; beautiful models with your dreamed legs with not even a single hair, trying to convince you that the new model of “plastic razor” will allow to have a silk skin, free of hair. At the very begin you feel sad, almost bothered but the temptation to have that soft skin is stronger than you and finally, on the next trip to the store, that new razor announced on the TV appears among your items, although you are aware that it will not work.

Isn’t It a miserable life?

At this very moment, you must be thinking that everything is lost and finally you will have to lear to life as a hairy woman or continue to spend half of your budget on those useless methods allowing you to be free of hair for a couple of days.

Don’t feel alone … hundreds, not, THOUSANDS of women are feeling like you right now! But the good new is that now your DREAM OF A SILK SKIN may come true!


Due to the suffering of women who has to spent not only money but also time dealing with body hair removal, a group of engineers concerned about women’s problem has been working hard on the last decade to deliver a solution outside this world to your problem.

Maybe you are thinking that it’s another fake promise but … would you try a hair removal method that:

  • Allows permanent hair removal
  • Is painless
  • Assures you complete hair removal
  • Will be less expensive than any other method
  • Is available close to you

Certainly you will! And why not?

Only think about it … after a few treatment sessions your skin will be free of hair forever!

  • No more money wasted on useless depilation gadgets
  • No more jokes from your friends
  • Once the hair is off, it will NEVER come back
  • After trying it, you will use mini skirt DAILY
  • And the beach will be waiting for you to show the world your perfect skin

No, it’s not a joke; it’s almost a miracle, a superhero which has come to save women from the misery of a lost fight against unwanted body hair.

But, exactly what is it?

Well, it is not certainly something that you will take home or do on your own, in fact, it’s a technology designed to be operated by professionals and that’s one of the keys of the success in addition to the most advanced technology on hair removal ever seen.

It’s time to know your new best friend, at least while all that undesired body hair disappears forever …. IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works according to the principles of phototherapy; that means, to use the effects of light (in this case high-intensity pulses of light) when interacting with human tissue.

As a matter of the future on the science fiction films, now you will be able to get rid of that unwanted body hair with light!

To remove hair IPL works the same way the sunlight burns the skin, but due to the characteristics of the pulse (wavelength, pulse duration and so on), the light travels inside the hair towards its root, known as the follicle, burning and destroying it and thus avoiding new hair growth.

But why is IPL better than wax and shaving?

Well, first of all, because the results are long-lasting, which means that once a hairy area has been fully treated no new hair will grow.

IPL technology makes of recurrent hair removal a matter of past because when the pilous follicle is killed, that hair will not grow anymore, that means life lasting results.

It’s not fiction, it’s real! You will not have to deal with unwanted body hair anymore.

When people know about this, sometimes is sceptic and begin to make many questions that perhaps you are thinking about right now, the answers will make you understand how IPL works, and why it’s soo good; take a look to the answer to the most common asked questions:

Is IPL safe?

IPL is very safe because the equipment may be adjusted to burn out only the body hair without harming the surrounding skin.

Will IPL harm my skin?

Every light wavelength is absorbed by certain structures of the skin; so the IPL device wavelength is adjusted to be absorbed only by hair before the light reaches the skin surface; afterwards light travels inside the hair (like in a highway) towards the follicle, where it exerts its effect.

How is it possible to kill my follicles without burning my skin?

Light and heat are a winning couple; light turns onto heat and heat onto light, thus using this property, IPL can concentrate a high amount of energy in the form of light and once this light reaches the objective (hair follicle), light turns into heat exerting its effect.

May I receive an IPL hair removal session if I have dark skin?

IPL may be safely used on all skin colors, it is necessary only a little adjustment on the pulse duration to deliver the required amount of light for a particular phototype (color skin) because light absorption changes a little bit according to the color.

Will I suffer from pain during IPL?

IPL does not affect skin that is the area where pain receptors are located, therefore it does not produce any pain, nevertheless, the heat on the follicle may cause some discomfort on some persons, depending on their sensitivity.

Which body areas may be treated?

IPL may be used on all the body surface, from face to legs or simply the whole body.

Now that you know a lot more about permanent hair removal, you will not wish to spend a single dollar on waxing or shaving; even less to suffer pain and discomfort when a guaranteed, scientific supported method is available to give you a life free of body hair.

Ask for our Unlimited  IPL program, and get rid of all that unwanted body hair for once and forever:

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