How to eat and not gain weight

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The jury’s out on this: you can eat your cake and have it, too! Thanks to advancements in medical aesthetics, it is entirely possible to feast to your heart’s content this festive season and still boast a killer figure in your holiday outfit. With just 5 days left until the big day, here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Coolsculpting

One of our most popular treatments, coolsculpting harnesses the power of cold to target and kill fat cells through freezing. This procedure aims to get rid of fat cells permanently, so there’s no risk of you gaining back all the weight you’ve lost in the same areas. This procedure is perfect for those facing trouble with stubborn fats that just wouldn’t go away despite exercise or dietary changes. CoolMini, a scaled-down version of Coolsculpting, possesses a smaller applicator that can accurately target specific small areas such as the double chin for the best effects.

2. Vanquish

Everyone loves bodycon dresses, but what a nightmare it would be if all those unsightly bulges come out to party as well! Keep them at bay with Vanquish – using advanced radiofrequency technology designed to eliminate fat cells, you can target swaths of area simultaneously to achieve a slim and svelte silhouette.

3. Liposonix

Ever wished for non-surgical liposuction? We might have the solution for you. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound, Liposonix can be used to target precise areas so as to eliminate fats. This allows for a highly customised treatment in the span of just an hour, so you can achieve your ideal figure in virtually no time.

Find out more about our range of non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction treatments now. Contact us to see how we can help!

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