Aesthetic Clinic


At O Medical Clinic Singapore, we set no boundaries with assisting our patients in achieving confidence and accentuating their beauty.

Equipped with the most advanced and FDA-approved technology, we bring you fast, safe and affordable treatments. Performed by medically trained aestheticians and doctors with excellent credentials as well as experience in the medical field. Our treatments are mostly non-invasive and cater to problems of the face, skin and body.

Important Note: The Ministry of Health of Singapore (MOH) does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs as well as patient testimonials. For more information on the various process and results achievable, do visit our clinic and our staff would welcome all questions and enquires asked.

We provide advisory from our medical aestheticians and medical doctors as well skin analysis for our patients based on their skin conditions.

We believe in improving our patients lifestyles and despite having the most advanced technologies we aim to keep the interest of our loyal customers.

Safe & Quality
We are equipped with advanced, clinically-proven, FDA-approved machines and medical standard products. We aim to provide safe and quality treatments to our patients.

Our clinic is designed to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our patients. Designed by elite architectural design house abroad, we strive to offer excellent and professional service with the ultimate experience.

*Disclaimer: All Present Visual Information are advocated By Actual Customers & Representatives, which do not necessarily reflect or represent O Medical Clinic®. Treatment Results & Experience May Vary By Individual.