Fuller You, Fuller Confidence

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As humans, we are always looking to improve ourselves whether in terms of knowledge or appearance. Some of us are born with smart brains and some with enviable body aesthetics however, there are also many of us who are just not blessed in such areas and this may be an issue for some with the emphasis of how we look in this present society.

With the advance technology nowadays, there are many treatments in Singapore that can cater to the majority and in particular, women. As women, they go through many changes in their life stages. From a youthful teen to giving birth to aging, these are things they are unable to avoid and should not as these are good experiences but as they go through those, their body starts to change as well. This is especially obvious after pregnancy and in aging stages where many are unable to get over their physical changes like sagging breast, stretch marks, stomach and thigh cellulites, etc.

Here at Only Clinic, we provide the most up to date technology and are constantly striving to help more people with improving themselves. Non-surgical treatments like the laser bust enhancement helps with the lifting and firming of sagging breast that is caused by various factors such as loss of skin elasticity, weight loss, poor undergarment support of loss of volume due to aging and stiffening of fatty tissue.

Based on the latest high-technical micro laser technology, which uses a special light of particular wavelength, it activates the sympathetic nerve and also strengthens the blood pressure of capillary vessels in the breasts. This will in turn promote secretion of estrogen and accelerates the microcirculation, to put in simple terms – it stimulates the growth of the breasts to achieve the natural and enhanced state.

There are no medication or incision required, thus, you can rest assure that this is a safe procedure that encourages the body’s natural growth process. At Only Clinic, we want to give our customers the best fit solution for their issues. Our treatments give you a fuller body and also, we would also like to think, a fuller confidence too!

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