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Imagine Having A Sharper & Higher Nose In 15 Minutes Without Surgery, Downtime Or Even Pain! It Even Last Up To 2 Years!

Since time immemorial, a large number of women around the globe continue to grapple with their self-confidence and self-worth. Doing away with the insecurities no matter what lessons life gives one is not easy to do. Body image has always been at the pinnacle of the series of hot topics women struggle with or try to find solutions for!

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of resources have been redirected into research all in an effort to help the large women population get back to its feet again and feel confident once again. The ones that succeed in this particular quest have always had so much to be happy about at the end of it all. They are not ever afraid to declare that they feel as good as new!

Why is Women Unhappy with their Noses?

The main focus today is about those women who just can’t be themselves because they are not happy with the way their noses look like or any other given part of their body as a whole. Issues to do with the noses are many especially in Asia where we are not blessed with the natural high nose bridge or sharp noses of the Caucasians. Is it the shape, angle or size of your nose? Is it that your nose isn’t proportional to the rest of your face? Are there some irregularities inside your nose giving you a hell of time breathing? Or is it some nasal hump that is much elevated? You can have big round eyes and nice plump lips but if you nose is flat and huge, it just ruin the whole balance! Well, perfection is impossible to attain and there is no lie about that! However, the fact that perfection is too high a goal to achieve doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stand there with your hands folded when in the real sense there is something you can do!

Maybe you may have heard it said time and again that the symmetry of the face has a lot to do with beauty ratings. Definitely, being uncomfortable with the way your nose looks could be a cause of many insecurities. Who hates being perceived as beautiful after all? Passionate medical practitioners have developed some keen interest in the matter and as a result, come up with working solutions for all those women who need to take their self-confidence to the next level!

Plastic Surgery as One of the Most Sought After Solutions…

Plastic surgery of the nose has its pros and cons and thus it is a wise decision to learn about both before going ahead with your plan. However, it is crucial to enlighten you on the fact that nothing changes unless you are willing to do something to change it and that fears should be faced…not running away from them! 


  • The correction of problems restricting breathing
  • Elevates your self-image and confidence levels
  • Improvement of both the angle and shape of your nose


  • Choosing of an inappropriate kind of surgery could leave a scar at the nasal base
  • The use of grafting materials could result into some skin complications
  • Adjusting to the new look is a matter that may take an elongated period of time
  • The Pain and Trauma you have to go through if you’re unhappy with the results

Everyone always has a business to attend to as a matter of fact! This might just be your cause for alarm, but it shouldn’t hurt provided you are doing yourself a favor of a lifetime! Downtime may vary from one patient to the other due to factors such as the kind of job ones does or the veracity of the complication.

A Quick Focus on the Dermal Fillers

These are injections medical practitioners give you to fill out creases as well as wrinkles in the skin. Asides from that, they go a long way towards increasing the definition and volume of your lips. Remember that fillers are about projecting your image and uplifting your spirits!

Fillers will provide you with high-end results and it will excite you to learn that you will be spared of all the discomforts associated with immense pain and the downtime. Everyone will be delighted at the idea of as minimal discomfort as possible. You will only have a 15 minutes discomfort as a matter of fact which compared to the other approaches is by far much better.

What are Dermal Fillers used for?

Definition of Features

  • Sharper Nose and Higher Nose Bridge
  • Fuller Cheeks
  • Sharper Chin that elongated the face and achieving a more defined jawline
  • Fuller lips to achieve that volume and definition
  • Breast Fillers to up a cup size and achieve firmer appearance.

Achieving the Youthful Look

  • Fuller Forehead to give a more feminine look
  • Filled up the Nasolabial Folds better known as Laugh Lines
  • Filling up Wrinkles
  • Filling up the Under Eyes Hollow also known as Tear Troughs

There are many brands of Fillers available, but some of the more commonly used brands in ONLY clinic are:

What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

The price of fillers differs depending on the area of treatment. It does not come cheap, but one thing to note is that fillers are definitely at an affordable range as compared to surgeries.

Women’s Outlook on Beauty

A woman that feels it from deep within that she is beautiful may be the most confident being under the sun. But on the other hand, a woman that feels an inadequacy in terms of her beauty may be the most insecure and disturbed being on the planet.

When a baby girl comes to this world, she is usually welcomed with so much joy and ecstasy. She is taught right from the start the essence of her beauty. When the boy child plays about with toys, the girl child is given a beautiful Barbie doll to play with. Consciously or unconsciously the parents communicate the essence of true beauty to the girl child. This is a matter the girl child grows up with. She places the quest for real beauty at the top of her priorities and failure to meet the beauty standards leads to the loss of self-worth and insecurities creep in!

People really never change! You may have heard that said quite often. It interests one to observe a fully grown woman struggle with a myriad of insecurities and low self-esteem because she doesn’t think her skin or a certain body organ is in good shape. It is alright for her to feel that way anyway since they are wired that way since childhood. It is good to understand the ladies since after all even a considerable number of men develop these insecurities.

Time is up for women to keep on suffering! Long gone are those days you had to put up with disappointments whenever you walked away from your big mirror. The dermal fillers come as a kind of unforgettable invention for women. It is now possible to regain your confidence or boost it to a completely new level with this latest technological advancement. Dermal fillers will help you make up for so much in terms of your looks in general by making those wrinkles vanquish leaving you with that young look. You feel like you are eighteen again and this to many is much more than winning a lottery!

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