DualSculpting- Performing 2 Coolsculpting Treatments in Singapore at the same time.

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How Would You like to do 2 Coolsculpting treatments at the same time ?


No Time ? Want double of the Most Effective Coolsculpting Results in the same time? Your answer could be : Dualsculpting!

O Medical Group is probably one of the few aesthetic clinics in Singapore offering, DualSculptingTM the same non-invasive, fat freezing results with the one and only original CoolSculpting® technology by ZELTIQ in half the time to freeze fat and remove inches from love handles (flanks).  CoolSculpting®, the Only real alternative to liposuction minus the pain or downtime. As the temperature of fat reaches a far lower temperature than that of your skin, your body reabsorbs 30% of frozen fat cells during each treatment. Plus O Medical Clinic is only one of the few privilege clinics chosen and trained by Coolsculpting University. With the knowledge, tips and updates from Coolsculpting University training, we are able to deliver 70% better results and efficacy compared to any other aesthetic clinic that didn’t attend Coolsculpting University.
DualSculptingTM also known as dual Coolsculpting®, refers to two CoolSculpting®  treatments that can be performed at the same time to freeze fat on two areas.  As it can be time consuming to have two treatments back to back or at different appointment times,O Medical Clinic has invested to bring you two devices to treat stubborn fat simultaneoulsy, giving you faster, more flexible treatments.


Dualsculpting in session during Coolsculpting University Training, Singapore

To learn more about CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ, please call +65 6235 4434 or contact us to make an appointment with one of our Coolsculpting Team Leaders today.

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is FDA approved. Beware of fake and dangerous copy from beauty salons and slimming centers in Singapore.  You can read about an article written here on the extreme dangerous of these counterfeit and fake pass off. 

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