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The Latest Asian Facial Contouring That Makes Women Go Crazy. Get That V Shape Face Right Now. 

What’s with the V-shape face, an Asian facial contouring trend? Lately, the small face trend is taking the plastic surgery scene, mainly in South Korea, dubbed as the “Plastic Surgery Capital” of the world. In the country, it has been reported that about one-third of the female population have gone under the knife, according reports, which also account that at least 50 percent of women in their 20s have undergone surgery, one of which is the facial bone contouring known as the “small face surgery.”

But, “Why are women into the V shape trend?” You might be asking why thousands of women, not only in South Korea, but also in the rest of the world are joining the club and having their facial bone structure contoured or re-shaped to achieve the small face. What’s with it that makes women go crazy? That’s what we’re revealing in the following section.

For one, numerous studies have shown that Asians, in particular to Koreans, are conscious of their appearance, such as their big heads, something common among their race. In fact, those who have not gone into facial contouring in Singapore, for instance, are very conscious of their big heads that many of them would try to conceal it in their group photos, so they position themselves far back.

And those who are not aware of Botox in Singapore to achieve a V shape face try to achieve the look by shaving their mandible through oscillating saws or realigning both their jaws using traditional surgeries, which we’re discussing a little bit later in this post.

In case you don’t know yet, facial contouring for round face wasn’t actually first meant to achieve a small face but it was done for treating several congenital deformities in the jaws. But from then on, facial contouring surgery became a trend, not only for reasons of achieving a smaller face with a more pointed chin but also for getting a more feminine appearance, studies revealed.

Getting facial contouring for many help them get a dramatically younger appearance by at least five years because such surgeries, invasive and non-invasive modalities, can alter someone’s look through changing the entire facial bone structure. The problem is that many of the procedures done in South Korea carry several health and life dangers for women who want to achieve a prettier face.

And even if there are facial contouring and support system, the risks to complications are very high, especially when treatment is performed by non-licensed clinics and hospitals in Korea, something that abounds today according to several news agencies.

But even if this is the case, many women still try to achieve a V shape face just to look prettier, especially in the South Korean culture where aesthetics and beauty is one of the top priorities for a good social status and impression. Without even saying, V shape face is becoming a must-have in the country. But below, we’re outlining some of the most famous types of jaw surgeries performed, not only in Korea, but also in other parts of the world.

Before plunging in and becoming excited with your facial contouring before and after photos, know that there are dangers you might be facing, especially by opting for invasive treatments that all involve cutting of the bones. Here are some of them that you might want to know.

Unlike non-invasive facial contouring surgery in Singapore, invasive jaw surgeries all require recovery time. But first of all, let’s talk about the double jaw surgery, an extremely radical means of correcting facial bone deformities and imperfections carried out to help patients who cannot chew on their food properly due to an underbite or overbite. It’s a painful procedure, which is now embraced by women who want to achieve a smaller face through having their upper and lower jawbones cut. Some of the worst complications include paralysis and permanent facial numbness.

Then there is also facial contouring surgery, which is carried out for cosmetic purposes by reconstructing the bones after an accident, let’s say. This type of surgery aims at creating emphasis on certain facial areas, depending on a patient’s requirement as well as making her face appear smaller than it was.It is considered one of the most revolutionary face surgeries in the world, but not without the risk, including permanent facial numbness.

Finally, there is the traditional jaw surgery, known as orthognathic. It works by realigning the teeth and jaw so that they can work better as well as improve someone’s appearance. It is also a corrective surgery that those with moderate to severe jawbone problems undergo and it involves working entirely inside someone’s mouth to avoid scars in the jaw, chin and around the mouth.

Women, you don’t have to suffer from complications, put your health and life into danger by going under the knife and suffer from downtime and long recovery to get a small face or a V shape face. Below, we’re presenting the most effective and safest solution to achieve this purpose.

Let’s start.

Facial Contouring – The Non-Invasive Way

Now, you can become part of the V shape face trend but not of statistics of those women who suffered from health complications just after invasive surgeries that we mentioned. We’re presenting you the best solution for face contouring, Botox V shape face.

Face Botox is what you need for a V shape face! It contours and slims down your face to achieve a better profile. Botox for a slimmer face in Singapore is one of the latest trends in the aesthetic and beauty scene that will never put you in danger. This is for you if you have a square-shaped jawline, which looks masculine or you have chubby cheeks.

How Jaw Reduction Using Botox Works

By getting the best Botox deals at ONLY, you will achieve a smaller face that you only once dreamed. It works by injecting Botox (Botulinum Toxin) to induce jaw relaxation while also working to thin your chewing muscles found in the lateral jaw.

And with this face contouring, you will achieve a slimmer-looking face because Botox can block nerve impulses in selected areas while it also works by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and giving you fuller-looking cheekbones, according to a majority of Botox review and testimonials.

So if you don’t want to go under the knife but achieve a V shape face, you might want to try our Botox face contouring, which Botox cost is affordable for everyday women. See the results of a new V shape face appearing in a matter of five days!

Now you can get that V-shape face, too, without the complications! Book a consultation at ONLY today, call us at 6235 4434!

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