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Things I have learnt from Coolsculpting University Singapore

So we are officially graduates of CoolSculpting University! Over the last 2 days we were at the Marriot Hotel, Singapore, where ZELTIQ has a training for the Asian medical providers of Coolsculpting, for an in-depth review of all things and to undergo training for only the premier providers of CoolSculpting in Asia. Apart from honing our assessment techniques of patients to the newest treatment of the outer thighs with the CoolSmooth Pro applicator, which can now treat it under 75 mins compared to the also pretty new CoolSmooth which needed to take 2 hours! It was very informative, helpful and ultimately beneficial for our patients. Discovered many new and insightful tips into helping our patients achieve better results. Now we can proudly declare we can deliver 70% better results compared to another clinic that didn’t attend CoolSculpting University Training.

coolsculpting-university-singaporeCoolSculpting University, or as it’s known in the biz, CSU, represents the future of aesthetics. Having an array of the latest medical aesthetic technologies, CoolSculpting is by far the Most effective body sculpting and debulking technology in the World at this moment.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank ZELTIQ for organising this training for the selected premier clinics in Singapore as well as all the Asians clinics. We are glad O Medical is part of the training.


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