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Raise your hands if you have ever felt frustrated or defeated that your upper arms just won’t slim down, no matter how many hours you’ve spent at the gym, or how many diets you’ve gone on. Upper arm flab (i.e. those ‘batwings’ of excess fat that clings to the back of your arms) is not something one would usually think about when it comes to weight loss, but it can easily impact a person’s confidence and self esteem!

You can easily conceal belly fat or thigh fat with clothes, but who wants to confine themselves to only wearing long-sleeved tops in our hot weather? It’s time you rock that sleeveless top you’ve always wanted to wear! We are telling you about an advanced fat freezing treatment that can eliminate stubborn fats in your arms! No surgery or downtime – you can finally focus on busting those stubborn fats that just won’t go without persuasion!

Before we dive into discussing this non-invasive fat reduction treatment, it is important to know some facts about upper arm flab!

Why won’t my upper arm fats just go away?!

You might be relieved to know that if you have tried exercises to slim upper arms and they are not helping, it might not be entirely your fault: if the fats on your arms and back are particularly stubborn, there might be more than meets the eye!

There are several factors that could make losing upper arm fats difficult, let’s examine why it is so hard to lose upper arm fats.


  • Hormones: Those ‘bat wings’ of upper arm fats could indicate a low testosterone level. Women naturally have less testosterone and thus usually have higher body fat percentage on average than men. However, it is entirely possible for some women to have even lower testosterone levels than average.


  • Diet: Not having sufficient protein intake in your diet can drastically impact how effective your exercises are. Red meats and beans can help you build muscles faster. It is also a good idea to cut out excess carbohydrates and fats if you want to reduce upper arm fats!


  • Lifestyle: Stress, lack of exercise, and lack of quality sleep can all contribute to stubborn fats accumulating in the upper arm area. Treat your body right if you want it to look good!

But don’t lose hope, for help is finally here!

Freeze! We are the fat police and we are here to arrest pesky fats that overstay their welcome! Coolsculpting is the hero we have all been waiting for. Cool sculpting can target precise areas, helping you shed fats in places that won’t respond to conventional weight loss methods!

Fat cells are crystallised in the process of cryolipolysis, and are subsequently eliminated out of your system through the usual metabolic processes. We have all heard about fat freezing treatments, and now you can finally try them!

How does it work?

All that is required of you is for you to sit back and relax while our skilled and experienced technicians help you get rid of stubborn fats. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning that you experience little to no discomfort at all during the procedure.
Better yet, unlike traditional fat removal methods like liposuction, this alternative method involves no downtime, so you can get back to your routine activities right afterwards! Whether it is shopping or gymming, Coolsculpting won’t hold you back from doing what you love. Cool, isn’t it? 

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