Bust The Myth: Deodorant Can Cause Cancer

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Bust The Myth: Deodorant Causes Cancer! 

None of us want body odor (BO) on the armpits because we all obsess to smell great. In fact, over 90 percent of Americans use deodorants every day, totaling to $18 billion spent on antiperspirants and deodorants every year. But deodorant use isn’t a modern phenomenon. In fact, ancient Egyptians who invented scented bathing first used perfume into their armpits and Mum, the first trademarked deodorant existed in 1888, followed by Everdry 15 years later, according to TIMES Magazine. But can deodorant give cancer? We’ll answer that here.


Deodorant Breast Cancer, Says Snopes

Deodorant Causes Cancer- Snopes: The site published a warning stating, “Antiperspirant causes cancer,” and they said that while it prevents you from perspiring and inhibits your body from purging toxins below your armpits, it does not eliminate toxins magically.

But what happens is that the toxins are deposited in the lymph nodes located right below your arms since sweat cannot come out, causing cell mutations and toxic buildup that develops into breast cancer because breast cells are close to the region where the toxins accumulate and this is where the lymph nodes are, too.


Deodorant Gives You Cancer: Is There Truth to That?

Let’s discuss it here.

“Deodorant gives you cancer” – that’s the stigma attached to most deodorants. But let’s clarify this matter before you are misled by confusing facts online. Firstly, deodorants are demonized by some so-called health gurus and media, but the truth is that consumers just have to check on the label and be aware of what’s inside the deodorant spray bottle or deodorant stick. When you find any of the following ingredients on the list, switch to the next deodorant brand on the grocery shelf.


Deodorant may give cancer if it contains,

  • Parabens, which have been linked to breast cancer in a 2004 study, because they’ve been found to disturb your body’s hormonal balance
  • Aluminum compounds (aka aluminum-deodorant cancer causing), stop sweat from flowing because they plug within sweat ducts; these compounds can be absorbed by the skin and can promote breast cancer by disturbing hormonal balance.
  • Triclosan can cause contact dermatitis and can irritate skin; it kills both good and bad skin bacteria.
  • Silica is a skin irritant that can also be infused with crystalline quartz, a type of carcinogens.


But not all deodorant sticks, roll-ons, and sprays are bad. Thereby, “deodorant is bad for health and deodorant cancer link” is nothing but A DANGEROUS MYTH.

In fact, there are many good deodorants, especially the natural and organic ones on the market. They can help you stop sweating and body odor but do not harm your health. In this case, it’s all about wise product buying that can keep you out of harm’s way.

That starts by checking the label and looking for organic ingredients.

By doing so, you stay smelling fresh and clean all day without the sweat, no matter how heavy your physical activities are. You also keep yourself functioning well because you don’t feel sticky on your armpits. And of course, there is no greater feeling than to stay away from body odor that shuns your friends and loved ones away [at least five meters away].

So to avoid being misled by deodorant causes cancer myth, the solution is that you (as a consumer) have to be aware of the product you’re buying, as it’s the first step to busting myths.

While there have been initial studies linking deodorants to breast cancer, they still need many years of research before a conclusion can be reached. For the meantime, stay away from myths that deodorants cause cancer; in fact, applying it on your underarms is a part of a good hygiene.

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