Bust The Myth: Botox

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Botox Myths DEBUNKED!

For many years, Botox for forehead and face as well as for body odor has been around. There are many reasons than one people choose this treatment, and one of them is its effectiveness and safety. If you’re in the midst of research for a Botox specialist, treatment price, and reviews, then you might also find top myths surrounding the topic, leading you to confusion and misinformation. To shed light on the topic, check out today’s post as we’ll discuss the five worst myths on Botox.


Botox Myths and Truths: Exposed!

#1 Botox is responsible for permanent muscle paralysis.

This myth about Botox for sweaty palms, let’s say, is the most dreadful lie about the treatment. In case you don’t know yet, this is impossible to happen because the body breaks down the substance naturally. For this discussion, let know that the effects of Botox may only be prolonged if there is a presence of Myasthenia Gravis, a muscle condition characterized by weakness of certain muscle groups. It’s a rare type of autoimmune disease caused by a defect in the function of acetylcholine located at the neuromuscular junctions.


#2 Botox builds up as you get more and more treatments.

Again, it’s a myth about Botox for face slimming that has no slight truth to it. Know that Botox is a biodegradable neurotoxin, which is broken down by a certain blood enzyme. As a result, treatment results may only last between three and six months, and after such time, your body flushes it out your system.

And if Botox for calf reduction, let’s say, is done at an interval over three months, it will not build up in the body and it is rare that the body will develop a strong immunity to the toxin; in fact, some can break down the toxin faster than others do. In the process, the treatment may become ineffective for them because results can wear off faster.


#3 Wait until lines appear before Botox treatment.

There is a misconception that Botox treatment only works to people with frown lines and wrinkles, but that’s not true. If you want to get ahead and fight the signs of aging early, you can have it as early as possible.

Treat is like a preventative treatment that can help you battle the signs of aging while you’re young. In fact, preventative treatments may mean less Botox for you in the future because you train your muscles very early not to make certain facial expressions that contribute to possible facial lines because movements can be controlled by Botox, and some of these include smiling, raising eyebrows and scowling.


#4 Stopping face Botox worsens wrinkle development.

There is no truth to it. In fact, wrinkles will just go back to the way they were before the treatment. While you’re getting Botox versus wrinkles, it will prevent them from worsening, but when you stop, its muscle-relaxing effect will slowly fade away and your skin will have its normal wrinkle development.


#5 Botox is just for women.

Again, this is a myth. While most patients are women, men also get the treatment to slow down the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, and to soften their appearance. In fact, men as young as in their 30s also get Botox. They do it not only improve their appearance but also to increase self-confidence, especially when meeting the opposite sex and dealing with the public.

There you have the top five myths about Botox to know so that you stay on the right track, especially when looking to get the treatment for yourself. For the best results, come down for a free skin assessment at the best Botox clinic in Singapore—ONLY Clinic today!

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