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It may be that liposuction crossed your mind when you have been trying to address a bulge that just won’t go away. However, there is now a non-invasive and non-surgical slimming treatment known as liposonix in Singapore. Liposonix is known to treat and eliminate stubborn fats with no downtime. Incorporating high-intensity focused ultrasound, it should be understood that liposonix is a body contouring method and not a weight loss method. It simply prevents the fats returning to the treatment areas.

Even though it is not a surgical procedure, it is still necessary for you to have full knowledge of liposonix before you undergo the treatment.

So what happens in liposonix? Focusing the ultra-sound energy of liposonix, it disrupts the fat cells effectively without causing any damage to the skin. Patients comes in different shapes and sizes which is why liposonix is able to cater to them due to its versatility of allowing control over the precise treatment location and how it is being done. However, potential patients should have a BMI lesser than 30 and are able to pinch at least an inch of fat in the treatment area.

Liposonix is done during a single one hour session with minimal and temporary side effects like redness and swelling but it would generally disappear within a short period of time. In a clinical study, the average waistline reduction after a single session is about 1 inch, which is typically equal to one dress/pant size. Full results are usually seen in 8 – 12 weeks, though individual results will vary.

Many people would often prefer the traditional slimming methods like eating healthy and exercising regularly which requires huge amount of discipline. Indeed those are not wrong methods to go about looking slimmer but it can now be easier with the latest technologies like the liposonix treatment!

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