Ways to Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

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People want a long and healthy life, but not many want to grow old. This may seem like a pipe dream but you’ve definitely come across loads of people who look younger than they really are which shows that it’s completely achievable! Wrinkles are perhaps the most visible sign of ageing, so you’d want to avoid them at all costs! Here are some ways you can avoid or reduce wrinkles.

Limit Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is the ultimate villain when it comes to ageing! By limiting your exposure to the sun, you can prevent getting most of the wrinkles! Use sunscreen often when you’re outside, and wear a hat or scarf! It’s best to avoid direct exposure to the sun during the most intense periods, from 11am to 2pm.

Hydrate properly

Drink lots of water to prevent wrinkles! If your skin is dehydrated, it loses support and tends to fold over itself. Thus, proper hydration is essential to avoid wrinkles. Drink at least 8 cups of water daily, but remember that depending on the weather, your activities, and even your food intake, you might need a little bit more than that!

Stop Smoking

Tobacco damages skin in two different ways. Firstly, through your skin’s direct contact with toxins, hot fumes and ashes. Secondly, through the toxins entering your bloodstream from your lungs, causing such nocive substances to be spread throughout your body, including your skin, where they cause a lot of damage like increasing oxidative stress and the death of skin cells.

Have a healthy diet

It’s not a myth: we are what we eat. If your diet is full of junk food, you risk your skin becoming flaccid and droopy. Switching to a balanced diet is the right way to go: with enough proteins and nutrients, your skin will retain its bouncy texture and is able to build new cells.


Sleep More

Lack of sleep is like the apocalypse for your skin. Proper night rest allows cells to take a break. If you don’t get enough sleep, your cells will have no time to recover and this makes the skin flaccid and wrinkled. Summary: Sleep at least 6 hours each night.

No alcohol, or at least not too much

Alcohol produces cells dehydration, dehydration will work against your cells. Thus, avoid drinking alcohol or limit it to no more than two drinks a day.

Daily skin care

You would be amazed at how much dirt and impurities accumulate on your skin every day. If you don’t cleanse your skin properly, a layer of impurities will form over the skin. This causes your skin to forgo normal cell replacement and metabolism, which then leads to wrinkles. To avoid this, use cleansers and mild soap to was your skin, then use a hydrating lotion to properly condition your skin. How frequently? As much as you can!

Do facial exercises daily

Yes, it’s not a joke. Beneath the skin of your face there are more than 20 muscles giving support and movement. If you don’t train such muscles properly, they become atrophic and the skin support is lost. Thus, do facial exercises daily to keep your muscles strong enough to give your skin proper support.


If you desperately want to remove your wrinkles, thank goodness for technology. Here are some treatments you can consider!

Superficial Peelings

One of the most useful methods when wrinkles are not too deep; the peeling not only removes old layers of cells, it also stimulates the formation of new, younger cells to replace the old ones and fill the wrinkle.

Facial Radiofrequency

This novel method transfers energy to the deeper layers of the skin; it works by a direct effect of the heat on the collagen layer (it gets strength) and at the same time promotes not only new cells growth on the superficial layers, but also, the formation of new, stronger collagen and elastin fibers; both of them are important piece of the skin supporting tissue.


Yes, you are right! Wrinkles appear commonly on the areas of more muscle activity (particularly when some facial muscles are atrophied and others not), thus, paralysing the most active muscular groups, the mechanical forces beneath the skin will diminish and the wrinkles too.

Dermal Fillers

Don’t panic! It’s nothing about polymers or hazardous substances! Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gels (a natural compound of most of our tissue), intended to be injected below the wrinkles. Such compounds fill the space between the skin and the underlying tissue helping to reduce the depth of wrinkles. The effect is almost magical and the results amazing.

Plastic Surgery

No one wishes to go to the operating room, but this is the last resource when everything else fails. There are many surgical techniques allowing to eliminate 10 years of your face by correcting just minor details.

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