8 Acne Trigger Foods You Should Avoid!

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Do You Know That Some Food Causes Acne?

Food and acne

Your diet largely affects who you are. This is very true and conditions such as acne will be affected by the food you eat. There are certain foods that can enhance acne if taken by some people. It is important to find out which foods can trigger acne. You need to ask can cheese cause acne? Asking questions to a skin care specialist is important such as does food cause acne or not? You can search the internet, for example, does food cause acne yahoo and other search engines can answer the question.

The 8 Acne trigger foods to avoid

There are some foods that you need to avoid if you have acne. For instance, if you are wondering can Chinese food cause acne, then you may be right. You may also wonder can dairy food cause acne? Many patients with acne often ask “Does eating chocolate cause acne”. Can eating junk food cause acne or can eating spicy food cause acne?” A few patients also ask “Can eating fried food cause acne? Can eating fast food cause acne? Can food you eat cause acne or can eating greasy food cause acne?”

  • Greasy foods like chips, pizza and French fries

Greasy foods are not good for you especially when you take them on a regular basis. They contain a lot of unhealthy oils, addictives and fats, plenty of salt and sugar all which are acne triggers.

  • Spicy and hot foods such as hot peppers, chili pepper and so on

Spicy foods are a known acne trigger and people who consume foods that are too spicy are more likely to suffer from acne than those who do not

  • Sugary foods such as soda and candy

Sugar is also known to cause acne. Sugary foods and sweet snacks should only be taken once in a while especially by teenagers and girls. Sugar is unhealthy and is converted to fat in the body. It can trigger growth of pimples.

  • Dairy foods like ice cream, cheese or milk

Most dairy products contain fat in large quantities. Fat is known to cause acne when consumed in large quantities or taken on a regular basis.

  • Nuts such as cashew nuts or peanut butter

Research has shown that while nuts are great for the body and nutritious, they are known acne triggers. They should therefore be taken in moderation and only occasionally rather than regularly. There are healthier options as well, such as macadamia and others that contain vitamin E which is good for the skin.

  • Carbohydrates and starch foods.

Carbohydrates in the body are usually converted to fat which is stored beneath the skin. This fat contains enzymes that can easily trigger a bout of acne on the face and other parts of the body.

  • Processed foods

Processed foods are largely unhealthy and offer little nutrition to the body. They are laced with additives, preservatives, coloring, salts and sugars. All these additives are known triggers of acne and therefore processed foods should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Unhealthy snacks

Most unhealthy snacks such as burgers, chocolate and so on are made using processed foods. Most processed foods are extremely unhealthy and contain high amounts of sugar, fat and salt. These are all known triggers of acne and should, therefore, be avoided or taken once a week or so.

If you have acne, then please watch out for these foods and avoid them. You will then be able to single out which foods cause you to break out and which foods are safe. Some individuals ask questions like can greasy foods cause acne? Can hormones in food cause acne, can food intolerance cause acne and what kind of food can cause acne. All these are valid questions and online research can provide answers.

Can food cause acne?

  • Foods on their own may not necessarily cause acne, but some types of foods may trigger acne. It is therefore important to know exactly what foods to avoid and what foods are considered okay. For example, can acidic food cause acne? Can food allergies cause baby acne? Can food allergy cause acne? Can food allergies cause cystic acne? These are very important questions that can be answered by doing a little research online. Pizza, for instance, can trigger acne.


  • You can also ask your doctor, can an eating disorder cause acne or can a food allergy cause a cystic disorder. A skin doctor can help answer your questions. You may also learn more about acne by checking out informative websites online. You can enquire can food allergies cause back acne? Other queries you can put forward include does spicy food cause baby acne and can eating chocolate cause baby acne? Some food causes acne breakout so such food can be avoided. They include foods with gluten and certain carbohydrates.


  • Some concerned persons ask can cheese cause acne breakouts? Others can ask, do food allergies cause back acne or do food cause acne breakouts. The answer is that foods may trigger bouts of acne in some people but only rarely. Different patients with acne can ask different questions. For an instance can cheese cause cystic acne. Can eating bad food cause acne, can food cause cystic acne? Other questions patients ask are, can cheese cause cystic acne, does food cause cystic acne, does cheese cause cystic acne and so on. Pet owners are worried and ask can wet food cause cat acne and can certain food cause acne?


A skin care specialist can help you with your acne problem. The specialist can also answer questions and also provide a food causes acne list. This list you can keep and use regularly.

Does what you eat make you break out?

It is possible that the foods you consume can cause acne, so always watch what you eat. Any foods you avoid due to acne should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks. Consulting a skin care expert or doctor is very important. They will answer questions such as; can lack of food cause acne, can oily food cause acne, does eating chocolate cause acne or make it worse? And so on. They can also answer food cause acne myths.

There are other queries that patients of acne need to ask. These include, can food poisoning cause acne, can processed food cause acne, can food really cause acne, can raw food cause acne, can food cause skin break out. It is very important to note that different foods affect people differently and not all people will be affected by sugary or sweet foods, for instance.

If you are wondering can food allergies cause severe acne, can food sensitivities cause acne or can sour food cause acne. Others may wonder can sweet food cause acne or can sugary food cause acne?

Other good questions you can ask when seeking answers include; can food cause pimples, does cheese cause acne, can food allergies cause acne, can spicy food cause acne, can junk food cause acne. You can find out from search engines answers such as does food cause acne yahoo answers. Yahoo users usually answer such questions on user platforms.

Worst foods for skin and complexion

The worst foods to eat, therefore, are as following

  • Deep fried foods such as chips
  • Oily foods
  • Chocolate
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugary and fizzy drinks
  • Pizza
  • Dairy products such as cheese
  • Foods with nuts such as cashew and so on

If you can avoid these foods and follow good hygiene and avoid stress, then incidents of acne will be minimized.

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