7 Myths On The Cause Of Acne

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Myths about Acne Causes

Acne is a terrible skin condition that causes lots of pimples to appear on the skin. This unsightly condition is dreaded by most people, especially teenagers. One of the most annoying things about acne is that pimples tend to appear at the very wrong instances, for instance, during an important school or work event, just before a crucial date and so on.

Most people are unsure about the causes of acne, resulting in myths about acne causes. It is important to know what the myths are and what the true cause of acne is. Here are some top myths about acne causes

  1. One of the most common myths I have heard is that only teens get acne.
  • Many people wrongly believe that acne only affects teenagers because this condition is so prevalent in this age-group. Many teenagers usually want to know the cause of acne on cheeks, the cause of acne on the face or the cause of acne on forehead. These questions are best directed to a skin specialist. However, acne does not affect only teenagers but affects people in all age-groups.
  • I have heard adults ask about the cause of acne vulgaris. This is a common skin disease involving pimples caused by inflammation of hair follicles. It is important to consult a skin doctor or skincare specialist to discuss the cause of acne scars, the cause of acne on chest and even cause of acne on buttocks. You will get the truth by speaking to a medical expert than listening to myths.
  • If you want to learn about the cause of acne and pimples, for instance, you can read medical books or search authoritative websites for accurate information. So the next time you wonder about the cause of acne at the back, do not consult your friends. Instead, speak to an expert and they will teach you all about the cause of acne and treatment.

2. Junk foods cause acne

You have probably been told that junk food causes acne and that greasy foods are responsible for acne. This is a common misconception that is not exactly true. So you may be asking, is stress a cause of acne or is milk a cause of acne? Maybe your friends wonder, is milk a cause of acne, is dairy a cause of acne and is chocolate a cause of acne? Well, the answer is no and these are not the real causes of acne but just myths and tales. Learning the truth about the causes of acne is really important.

3. Stress causes acne

There is a lot of talk by teenagers and adults alike that acne is most likely caused by stress. They believe that people under lots of stress will suffer bouts of acne on the skin, forehead and so on. Some of you friends may ask questions such as is dairy a cause of acne? Others may ask, is constipation a cause of acne, is sugar a cause of acne or is smoking a cause of acne? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no! All these are myths and half-truths but are not the real causes of acne.

4. Use of sunscreen will cause and aggravate acne

There is another common myth about acne that it is caused by sunscreen or that sunscreen aggravates acne. Well, you should know that this is not true. Sunscreen does not cause acne and neither does it aggravate it. If you are wondering is food a cause of acne, then you are wrong. You can ask a doctor about the cause of acne breakouts and the cause of acne bacteria.

Only a medical professional can tell you the true cause of acne cheeks. A doctor can also tell you about the cause of acne chest as well as the cause of acne chocolate and cause of cystic acne. Acne may affect you from time to time, but the good news is that there is a solution and you can get rid of acne and prevent future attacks from happening.

5. Acne is caused by menstrual periods in women

There is a myth that acne is caused by menstruation in women. It is important to learn more about the cause of acne during pregnancy, the cause of acne during period and causes of acne diet. These are especially important for women. Information can be obtained from skin care experts or medical books. Causes of acne during ovulation can be explained by a doctor, for instance. Causes of acne dry skin and causes of deep acne can be addressed as these tend to worry ladies and women of all ages.

6. Weight gain causes acne

If you are overweight and have suffered from acne, then probably some of your friends or family pointed to your weight as a possible cause. This is absolutely not true. There could be causes of acne vitamin deficiency causes. If you need to learn more about the cause of acne forehead, the cause of acne face map, the cause of acne face and even the cause of acne food, then try and read information on authoritative sites online. Such sites will inform you about causes of acne flare-ups, causes of acne for adults, the cause of facial acne and even causes of acne genetics.

7. Greasy hair causes acne

Another common myth, especially among teenagers claims that greasy hair cause of acne. You need to understand all the dynamics at play so as to understand the cause of acne and weight gain, the cause of acne hormones and so on. Even adults, especially women are anxious about causes of acne hormonal imbalance and the causes of acne hyper-pigmentation. Generally, the cause of having acne is not straightforward but includes a number of factors.

For instance cause of acne in the back and the cause of acne on jawline and neck are different. But acne is acne and will bother you. Causes of acne on jawline and cheeks, causes of acne near jawline and the issues that cause cystic acne jawline are all different and understanding them is important. Even the cause of acne on chin and jawline is found on the causes of acne list.


What’s causing your breakouts?

Here are 3 proven causes of acne.

Touching your face

  • Touching your face can actually result in acne. This is a proven fact. Dirt and bacteria are major causes of large acne. They are also leading causes of mild acne, causes of male acne and cause of acne near ears. While bacteria and germs, in general, are not causes of acne myths, they are the cause of nose of acne and even cause of neck acne. The cause of nose acne, causes of acne pregnancy and even causes of acne pustules can all be attributed to bacteria and germs from your hands.

Not washing your face

  • This is another very plausible cause of acne pits. It is also among the leading causes of acne pcos, the main cause of painful acne, the cause of pustular acne and cause of pus acne. Research has proven this to also be a cause of acne rosacea, cause of acne redness, causes of acne rash and causes of acne skin problems. Therefore, wash your face on a regular basis. Doctors have pointed out the cause of scalp acne, cause of shoulder acne, causes of acne treatment, causes of cane to flare up and the cause of acne vulgaris is as a result of not washing your face or touching your face a lot.


  • It is a fact that hormones in your body can result in acne. These hormones are the cause of acne on back and the cause of acne rosacea. Hormones are the causes of acne vulgaris nodules and are listed as the common cause of acne vulgaris. By understanding the cause of severe acne vulgaris and the root cause of acne vulgaris will help you understand the underlying problems and solutions.
  • Various reasons can be attributed as the cause of acne with pus and the cause of acne whiteheads. Myths do not explain the truth about causes of acne and weight gain. However, the fact is that bacteria and germs are the number 1 cause of acne. The no 1 cause of acne is easy to manage as it needs you to wash your face with soap and water at least twice per day. There are several causes of acne with the causes of acne being rare and 6 causes of acne being common.

Now that you know the causes of Acne, it’s time to take action to treat them! Find out about our acne treatments by calling 6235 4434 today!

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