5 Trending Treatments for Couples

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Looking good together can now be a couple affair. Discover the little-known secrets of how celebrities maintain their tone body and radiant looking skin. Here are 5 treatments both men and women can both do at aesthetic clinics. Now guys have no reason to be left sitting outside waiting for their partners!

1. Jaw Slimming (V-Shape Face Sculpting Treatment)
Reduce your jaw size painlessly and effectively with our jaw slimming program.

2. Face Skin Tightening (Face Contouring Treatment)
Results are clinically proven and shows significant results in tightening of the skin. Look 10 years younger instantly!

3. Fillers (Feature & Facial Enhancement Treatment)
Safe and FDA-approved treatment for higher nose bridge, fuller cheeks and sharper chin! Speak to our Doctors today to find out more on the results achievable to reach your desired facial shape.

4. CoolSculpting (Fat Freezing Body Treatment)
Being the largest provider in Singapore for Coolsculpting, we are able to provide applicators that targets different fat areas of the body. This maximises the results and brings you a step closer to your ideal figure.

5. Instant Calves Shaping Program (Muscle Reduction)
Non-invasive and safe, this treatment reduces the size of your calves instantly. No surgery is required and treatment procedure is painless!

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