These 3 bizarre Victorian beauty treatments will make you thankful for modern medical aesthetic advancements!

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“Psst…don’t look now, but she totally had work done.”

Fair skin, a clear complexion, svelte figure…truth be told, beauty standard haven’t changed that much since the Victorian era. Fortunately for us however, we don’t have to resort to some of the things Victorian ladies had to go through to look beautiful: Lead, Zinc, and Arsenic are only some of the toxic chemicals that various Victorian beauty products contain. Let’s examine some of the more bizarre treatments and feel grateful that technology has advanced since then!

  1. Arsenic Biscuits

None of us would voluntarily ingest arsenic these days, but in the Victorian ages, Arsenic wafers were sold as beauty supplements to achieve that porcelain pale skin all Victorian ladies desired. Pale skin was perceived as a hallmark of noble birth, and various ladies sought to achieve a translucent complexion by using hats, parasols, and lemon juice on their skins. A few adventurous women even ate Arsenic wafers to get that sought-after pallor, without realising that they are causing themselves liver and kidney damage. Yikes.

Try this instead:

Carbon Laser for facial skin can unveil radiance and inject vitality back into your skin, without the above side effects. Non-surgical and non-invasive, this brightening and scar removal laser treatment will have you boast a complexion that would make Victorian ladies swoon with jealousy upon seeing.

  1. Lead Face Paint

Think putting on foundation is a chore? Victorian ladies had to cover their faces and all exposed skin with enamel paint to mimic the youthful paleness that was in vogue. They had to be mindful to limit facial expressions after application, lest the paint crack with movement. Some even went the extra mile to paint blue veins on their skin to give the illusion of paleness and a flawless complexion. Of course these paints were formulated with chemicals harmful to the skin, so Victorian ladies who painted their faces usually end up having an even worse complexion.

Try this instead:

Skin Booster shots targets the problem from within and gives your skin all the hydration it needs to return your complexion to its natural, flawless state. Whether you are suffering from skin laxity, dullness, or loss in facial volume, skin boosters can help reverse the effects of ageing and leave your face looking revitalised and rejuvenated. Bid goodbye to wrinkles – without the threat of toxic paint.

  1. Ammonia hair removal.

Doesn’t it feel like the mere smell of ammonia could burn the hair in your nose off? Well – maybe it actually can. Some Victorian beauty journals advice ladies to rub chloride of lime or ammonia directly onto their skin to get rid of unwanted body hair. The side effects? Your skin might get corroded by these chemicals if you left them on for too long. Definitely NOT dermatologically tested.

Try this instead:

SHR (VanishR Painless Laser) Hair Removal is the latest innovation in laser hair removal which promises to be less painful and produce longer-lasting results than the traditional IPL. Be hair free with virtually no pain and absolutely no downtime. Added bonus: SHR can whiten underarms and other area with pigmentation. Victorian ladies would have sold their fortune for this.

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