10 Tips to Keep Acne At Bay

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Acne is a skin condition that can affect any person regardless of age. The good news is that it can be prevented. Here, we share some ways to avoid acne and keep it at bay!

Wash your face regularly with soap and warm water

A face that’s oily and dirty is covered in bacteria and is a conducive environment for acne to grow. As such, keeping your face clean at all times is important. The grit and dirt that gets on your face every day has to be washed off before you sleep. If your face is sensitive, use a gentle face wash.

Avoid junk food

Many doctors will tell you that oily and fatty foods may cause acne, especially if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. Food such as pizza, chips and many others are not good for you and your health. Avoid such food if you’d like to avoid acne, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Do not touch your face with dirty hands

You may not know this, but the biggest cause of acne in any age group is due to people touching their faces frequently. Our hands touch a lot of dirty surfaces including toilets, door handles, remote controls, and mobile phones. Avoiding acne and pimples can be as easy as not touching your face unless you first clean your hands with soap and water.

Use only good quality facial products

One of the best ways to avoid acne is to only use good quality products that are good for your skin. Avoid products with harsh chemicals or those which contents cannot be verified. Buy cleansers from internationally-known, trusted brands.

Avoid stress at all times

Stress is a major factor that causes acne. Try to relax more and think calming thoughts, sleep more, and perhaps do some meditative exercises or some yoga.

Eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and drink lots of water

A healthy diet is essential for clear skin with no blemishes and no pimples. To prevent acne, you need to ensure that you eat a healthy diet that prevents acne breakouts and provides the skin with the essential nutrients it needs.

Avoid using harsh skin products and only use quality, recommended skin care products

Did you know that use of poor quality products containing harsh chemicals is dangerous for your skin? You not only risk acne but damaging your skin as well. Always only use good quality skin care products that can help to nourish and protect your skin, especially the face.

Avoid bright sunlight

If you have to go outside in the sun, then always use a good sunscreen with sufficient SPF protection. If possible, bring an umbrella out and use a hat too!

Cleanse the face once in a while

You should occasionally cleanse your face by exfoliating and using natural products like honey and cucumber. Such treatments rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger and clearer without blemishes. This is also great acne prevention for dry skin and advisable way to prevent acne growth.

Seek further information on treatment and prevention

You can learn more about acne breakout prevention, acne blackhead prevention and even how to prevent acne before your period by reading this or other online resources. You can also consult your doctor or a skin care professional on how best to prevent acne breakouts home remedies. This way, you’d be more informed and equipped to deal with any acne attacks.

If it’s too late to keep the acne away, you can always consider some treatments like ONLY’s Laser Acne Removal Treatment that will help you with your problem!

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