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O Medical Clinic is a flagship medical laser and aesthetics clinic of The ONLY Group located in Singapore. The clinic offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments for your face, skin and body. Equipped with clinically proven and FDA-approved technology, our accredited medical Doctors and medically trained aestheticians are able to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patients.


With a strong presence and recognition in the medical industry, we invest in the most advanced and innovative technology that safely treats the problems of our patients.


We believe that excellence should be embodied in our actions and services. With highly trained individuals from aesthetician to professional doctors, we are able to provide satisfactory outcomes.


With 10 years in the medical aesthetics industry, we have garnered a high following of satisfied patients and more than 10,000 patients visiting in the year 2014.


Our medical staff cares for you. They are dedicated in catering to your specific needs and are highly experienced in achieving the desired results safely and professionally.


At O Medical Clinic, our team of medically trained professionals and Doctors encompass exceptional medical aesthetics experience, providing unparalleled results. Our Doctors graduated from world renowned universities such as National University of Singapore and hold accreditation in various aesthetics procedures from medically recognised groups and institutions.

Our Doctors are highly experienced in the enhancement of human facial contours and getting the results of patient’s preference without the use of surgery. Practicing tried and tested techniques that has been revised, improved and customised to Asian skin. With the assistance of technology, certain results are achievable but to our Doctors what is most crucial is the sense of aesthetics and logic to ensure the results are satisfactory to our patients.


Dr. Rucha Karkhanis
Relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Rucha Karkhanis is the go-to doctor for the most current information on advancements in the Aesthetics field.

Dr. Rucha graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Mumbai, before obtaining further qualifications in Cardiff and Singapore. Prior to becoming a Resident Doctor in Raffles Hospital, she worked as an Honorary Fellow at the National University Hospital Singapore, where she received expert guidance from professors. Dr. Rucha possesses extensive experience in Acute Medicine and Dermatology, and has since decided to pursue her passion of becoming an Aesthetician.

In addition to dermatological treatments, Dr. Rucha is further certified by DSC to perform dermal fillers, chemical peels, Botulinum toxin injections, and intense pulsed light treatments. her mission is to always keep abreast of the latest techniques and advances in aesthetic medicine, so as to provide the best possible results for her patients.

– Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS The Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai (India)
– Diploma in Dermatology, Cardiff (Wales)
– Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology (Singapore)
– Certifications in Dermal Fillers, Intense Pulsed Light, Botullinum Toxin, and Chemical peels awarded by NSC (Singapore)
– Permanent Registration under Singapore Medical Council
– Registered under the Maharashtra Medical Council, Mumbai (India)

Dr. Chin Xu Yang Desmond
Dr. Desmond Chin attained his medical degree from Monash University, Australia, where he graduated in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with honours. Since then, Dr. Chin has undergone extensive medical training in Emergency Medicine, Neonatology, and Hand Surgery at Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital before specialising in Aesthetics.

Always keen to advance his medical knowledge, Dr. Chin is further certified to perform Botox injections, Filler Injections, Lasers for Vascular Lesions, Skin Tightening, Lasers for Skin Pigmentation, and Intense Pulsed Light. Well-versed in a variety of treatments, Dr. Chin seeks to provide the best quality of care to his patients while maintaining the highest standard of safety. He also keeps abreast of the latest advances in medical aesthetics by frequently attending hands-on practical sessions for filler injections.

Dr. Chin has cultivated a reputation of being warm and approachable, and is imbued with a particular joie de vivre that has carried him backpacking across 30 different countries. In his free time, Dr. Chin is a sports enthusiast and you can find him picking up a new athletic activity.

–     Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS Monash University, Melbourne (Australia)
–   Certifications of Competence in Botox injections, Filler Injections, Lasers for Vascular Lesions, Skin Tightening, Lasers for Skin Pigmentation, and Intense Pulsed Light awarded by Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group (ADEG)


At O Medical Clinic we are dedicated to ensure your safety & we are focused solely on treatments that suits you.

We encompass exceptional medical aesthetics experience with unparalleled results.

For enquiries, call +(65)6235 4434.


We believe in listening to our patients and we customize our programs to meet your needs.

We offer the services of accredited medical doctors to provide treatments to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

Aesthetic Clinic


At O Medical Clinic Singapore, we set no boundaries with assisting our patients in achieving confidence and accentuating their beauty.

Equipped with the most advanced and FDA-approved technology, we bring you fast, safe and affordable treatments. Performed by medically trained aestheticians and doctors with excellent credentials as well as experience in the medical field. Our treatments are mostly non-invasive and cater to problems of the face, skin and body.

Important Note: The Ministry of Health of Singapore (MOH) does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs as well as patient testimonials. For more information on the various process and results achievable, do visit our clinic and our staff would welcome all questions and enquires asked.

We provide advisory from our medical aestheticians and medical doctors as well skin analysis for our patients based on their skin conditions.

We believe in improving our patients lifestyles and despite having the most advanced technologies we aim to keep the interest of our loyal customers.

Safe & Quality
We are equipped with advanced, clinically-proven, FDA-approved machines and medical standard products. We aim to provide safe and quality treatments to our patients.

Our clinic is designed to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our patients. Designed by elite architectural design house abroad, we strive to offer excellent and professional service with the ultimate experience.


If you wish to know more about on our services, you may contact us at

info@onlyclinic.com or use the contact form below.


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15 Stamford Rd, #01-64 Capitol Piazza,

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*Disclaimer: All Present Visual Information are advocated By Actual Customers & Representatives, which do not necessarily reflect or represent O Medical Clinic®. Treatment Results & Experience May Vary By Individual.